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A Vision Board is Magic

Today I woke up and got to work as usual. I went to the barn, took careful care of each of the herd members, got my kids off to their commitments, and returned home. I sat down to write in Fancy’s training log. The day prior was packed full and I needed to jot down how her visit went from the day before I forgot it all.

I grabbed the binder with her training notes, and before I opened it paused to look at the cover. You see, I made myself a vision board well over two years ago and slapped it in a binder half heartedly. I stuck it in the binder that I’m sure I lost for 6 months, and it was filled with random articles, notes, and things that I didn’t have time to read. I looked carefully at the cover this morning and was a bit taken back. The words, the images, the feeling I got when I looked at it. I had no idea two years ago how much they spoke to my heart. I was too busy, too preoccupied, and too stressed out with all of the things on my plate to actually live my dreams anyway, so the vision board was the best I was going to do.

I was shocked as I studied my board, because today, I could create a vision board using MY OWN images of the things I have spent the last several months doing! Somehow, someway over the past two years I have manifested something that my heart had been dreaming of for so long. It’s happening! My vision board is my real life, all the things on the list, I did them, I’m doing them! It’s happening now!

I took a moment to stop and think back. The past two years have been busy, busier than ever. Our family is running like always from thing to thing, making the days count, and hitting the sheets exhausted every day. For a decade I have worked full time, kept the animals and the farm, been a hands-on mom, daughter, sister, employee, volunteer, and friend. But I also dedicated a tiny bit of myself to pursuing the things that set MY soul on fire. Whatever time life would allow in the season we were in. Over the last two years I have pushed a little harder, focused a little more on the crazy dreams that were unique to me. Usually in the early hours of the morning, sitting in the car at sports practices, or on the weekends in between events. These things are not for everyone. They are wildly specific to my soul. Horses, kids, therapy work, literacy, equine connection, art, books, bringing joy and smiles to the world.

I just realized that my week was filled with things that two years ago I was only dreaming of doing. A photoshoot with my dear Toby of 24 years, lending my ponies for a photoshoot for a little girl who dreamed of meeting a unicorn, a book signing featuring MY children’s book as my therapy pony greeted guests, preparing for library and school visits. I chatted with young equestrians and saw their passion and joy as they spoke about their riding experiences. I was humbled as I was thanked by parents and grandparents for writing a book about horses that is being added to the home libraries of kids that they love dearly! Hours in the barn filled with cleaning horses, preparing, and ironing out details to make it all work. I’m left with a heart full memories from this week. I saw so many kids smile, I shared the book that I created with people of all ages, and celebrated with the illustrator whos passion burns as bright as mine for our equine friends.

I simply cannot believe that my visions are somehow now my reality!

I didn’t have time. I didn’t have the energy. I didn’t know how to make any of it happen. I lacked focus with my busy schedule. Things went wrong. There was struggle. There was disappointment. There was heartbreak. Sometimes I was overwhelmed. I felt like a mess. Once in a while I wondered what was I doing? But here I am. I did all the things!

“Dreams don’t work unless you do”. I wholeheartedly believe that that is true. I also believe that God doesn’t make mistakes. Everything that has happened over the last two years and every year before that was not good, created something in me that I needed. Opened a door to something that was meant to be and reminded me to continue my pursuit.

So the moral of the story is MAKE A VISION BOARD! DO IT TODAY! They aren’t magic. You won’t wake up the next day and have all of the things on your board. But, you never know what day you will need a reminder of why you wake up and do what you do every day. Remind yourself WHAT sets your soul on fire, even though you may be too busy to pay any attention to it in the moment. We all need a reminder of what makes us unique and special and why those are no mistake. No two vision boards would ever look the same. That is no accident.

Today I’m thankful for the team of people around me who believe in me and my crazy ideas. They always support me and inspire me. I’m thankful for the winding journey that has been filled with the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.

I’m thankful for the struggle, and now the joy that fills my heart, as I realize that I AM MY VISION BOARD!

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Play Like A Girl

Our family was blessed with a little boy and then two years later, a little girl. We really have the best of both worlds under one roof. In or house there are trucks, cars, sports, princesses, tea parties, and ponies. From dresses to cleats, we’ve got it all between both kid’s activities.  Let’s just talk a moment about the power of a little girl.  Because playing like a girl doesn’t always mean princess dresses and hair bows!  Our little girl is, in my opinion, a perfect mix.  She is a princess with the heart of a tom-boy. I will catch her in a princess dress having a tea party, but sitting in the sand pile covered in  mud up to her eyeballs.

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DIY Signs – Adding Charm To The Outdoors

While most of my recent blog posts have, obviously, centered around entertaining the kids over their summer break, I haven’t completely strayed away from my crafty ways, there has just been little time to share it with you all.  Since we spend most of our time in the summer outdoors, I do find that I try to make the spaces that we hang out in a little more inviting.  Today I wanted to share with you three of my favorite DIY outdoor signs that I have made to decorate our outdoor spaces and add a little bit a charm.  I love making signs, because I get to create them exactly the way I want them, instead of looking for pieces that fit the bill.  They always turn out to be exactly what I need.

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Gardening With Kids – A Garden Tea Table

Since I have been on the subject of gardening this week I wanted to share a couple more projects with you in case you are out working in the garden over the next few weeks too!  My kids are always in the garden with me and keeping them busy is always important.  This year I have decided to give them their very own little space in the garden to play throughout the summer!  The best part is we made this play area out of nothing but stumps, branches, twine, and some mulch.  It didn’t cost us a thing, and the kids are free to run, play, and hangout in their own space without stomping out the things we have planted.  We created a very simple tea table from a few stumps that we had laying around, and it has been more fun for them that any toy you can buy!

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Repurpose An Old Grill Into A Garden Storage Cart

We have been spending all kinds of time in the garden the last couple of weeks.  This will be our 4th growing season, and things are getting serious, so I decided it was time to have a decent place to store our garden tools near the garden.  In past years we hauled everything out from the barn each and every time we were going to do some gardening, and things often got left out, or misplaced.  After noticing our old non-working grill was hanging out in the barn for two – too many year I decided to make it into a useful way to store, move, and organize our garden tools right out in the garden.  It is the perfect moveable potting and planting cart – with lots of great places to hang and store tools.  The old grill is now a new garden storage solution that works just right!

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Repurposed Serving Tray To A Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Summertime is just around the corner and now that the weather is getting nice we are spending a ton of time outdoors.  Along with preparing the garden, doing some spring cleaning, and breaking out the summer decor we added a new welcome sign by the front door.  I received this serving tray almost 9 years ago as a wedding gift, and I bet I used it twice over those 9 years.  It was really  neat and nice, so I didn’t really want to get rid of it, so I decided I would just re purpose it into something that I would use and love.  A can of chalkboard paint and some painters tape took this unused serving tray and transformed it into the perfect welcome sign for the front porch.

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DIY Customized Water Bottles Using Decorative Tape

Looking for a fun way to make serving bottled water extra special at an event or party?  Turn those store bought bottled waters into customized bottles that for fit your event’s decor for just a couple dollars.  A roll of decorative packaging tape is all you need to transform those boring water bottles  to an extraordinary addition to your event!  Not only are these great for events, parties, cookouts, birthdays, and graduations but they are great to keep in the fridge for the kids to grab and go.  We use them in lunches, for sporting events and more.  It’s quick and easy for the kids to keep track of their water bottle at sporting events because they are specially marked and easily identifiable.  This takes only moments and takes bottled water to a new, fun level.

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Repurpose A Crib Mattress To Make A Kid’s Book Nook

If you have school aged kids in your home, you probably spend a huge amount of time reading with them. Our kids spend countless hours every week reading with us or reading by themselves, and we are now amazed that they are reading to US!  Probably one of the most amazing parenting moments so far has been to have our baby reading US a bedtime story!  Here is a way to re purpose that baby crib mattress, now that your kids don’t use it anymore!  The combination of a simple mattress on the floor covered in a cute fabric, a row of rain gutter bookshelves, and stacks of cozy pillows makes for a kid friendly space that your kids will never want to leave! You can create a book nook for your little ones to enjoy for years to come!

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Easy DIY Photo Bookmark – Great Mother’s Day Gift For Mom and Grandma

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and here is a super simple gift that your kids can make and give themselves!  A personalized photo gift can get pricey fast, but here is a simple DIY photo bookmark project that is cute but frugal!  The supplies couldn’t be simpler and you most likely have most of these things in your home!  Any mother or Grandmother that loves to read would love a pretty little bookmark adorned with their favorite kiddos faces.  Every time they open their book, or mark their spot, they have your smiling faces looking back at them!  A fun gift that is easy to make and costs very little, but that keeps the smiles coming for that special Mom or Grandma in your life!

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Pool Noodles Repurposed Into Pretty Boot Supports

Here is a super easy no sew project for any of you ladies who love to wearing tall boots as a part of your wardrobe.  Pool noodles serve as the perfect little insert to support boots during storage to keep them from folding over, and creasing.  With the addition of some pretty fabric and brightly colored ribbon the pool noodles transform from an outdoor water toy to a pretty way to store boots in your closet.  This is an inexpensive and attractive way to keep those boots upright and in great shape.  This is not only a great project to make and use in your own closet, but would make a great gift idea for any lady that you love who has a pair of boots in her own closet.

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