Pool Noodles Repurposed Into Pretty Boot Supports

Here is a super easy no sew project for any of you ladies who love to wearing tall boots as a part of your wardrobe.  Pool noodles serve as the perfect little insert to support boots during storage to keep them from folding over, and creasing.  With the addition of some pretty fabric and brightly colored ribbon the pool noodles transform from an outdoor water toy to a pretty way to store boots in your closet.  This is an inexpensive and attractive way to keep those boots upright and in great shape.  This is not only a great project to make and use in your own closet, but would make a great gift idea for any lady that you love who has a pair of boots in her own closet.

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Making Getting Out The Door For School Easier

The switch from lazy summer days with no set schedule to the hussel and bussel of getting out the door and of to school is a challenge for a lot of families.  To make getting out the door for school easier we have a little system using closest organizers that takes the guess work out of getting dressed for school.  It’s a simple idea but has really saved a lot of headaches for our family. Continue reading “Making Getting Out The Door For School Easier”