Big Jim – His Heart is as Big as his Hooves

There is this boy…who I didn’t know I would fall in love with.

The first time I saw Big Jim it was an early winter morning. The temperature in the truck said it was -20 below. I found myself in a thick forest covered in snow and ice. As I wondered how my husband and I landed in this frozen wonderland I looked over to see an impressive horse tied to a tree. He was 18 hands tall, weighed no less than 2,00 pounds. The white Percheron was adorned with a heavy leather harness and pulling yoke contrasting perfectly with his soft fluffy white winter coat. He stood perfectly still as a chainsaw ran loudly next to him tearing through a nearby tree. Before I knew it a giant tree was falling in the woods. An impressive crash, and the crunching of branches and tiny trees ended in a huge thud of the tree hitting the frozen ground. I looked over to see the big white horse, he had not moved a muscle. Eyes perfectly calm, not phased at all by an event that would have sent any other horse I had ever know running for the hills. Jim got right to work. A large log would be attached to a chain behind him. A loud and sharp “get up Jim” from his owner sent Jim into a pull that created another set of fireworks. Jim would carefully and aggressively maneuver down steep, snowy, windy hills all the while pulling a heavy log. A few clear voice commands and his sheer strength was all it took to accomplish what could not have been an easy task. As we reached the bottom of the hill the chain would be unhooked and Jim would head back up the hill for another log.

That was not before the only lady in the woods was tossed way up onto of his back, so she didn’t have to hike up the hill herself. Let me just say that this pleased me to the point that I forget that I was almost frozen to death. I had never been on a horse so tall. I was closer to heaven on his back.

Log after log Jim pulled with skill down that hill returning back up the hill without any direction or force from his driver. He knew his job perfectly and sweat was steaming on his back into the cold air. This was my first experience seeing a work horse do a job quite like this. The connection between Jim, and his owner was a force to be recon with. Both of them worked equally hard in the woods to complete a job that day without a thought of the cold or a single complaint. I had learned a whole new respect for loggers, their horses, and the heart of a pulling horse.

After the work was done we got the opportunity to sit and chat about Jim’s story. Jim was 12 years old at the time and had grown up skidding logs through the woods with his sister who had been a perfect match. Sadly, his sister passed away and his owner did not want to rematch him. He had been puling alone and this job was meant for a team of two. One look at my husband and I knew that Jim was going to come home with us. We didn’t need a logging horse but we were on the hunt for a companion for our only other horse on the farm at the time. My husband was sold on this manly horse and I agreed that I could stand to look this beautiful horse in our pasture every day. We would take him home and drive him around the property, maybe use him to help clean up the farm. The 2 horse bumper pull horse trailer that we had brought along was not going to work conventionally due to Jim’s size. We removed the divider and Jim fit in just fine as long as he stood sideways. He took up the entire trailer.

We stopped along the way during our 4 hour drive to check on Jim. I would run into the gas station and grab a small bag of carrots or an apple treat for Jim during his long ride home. Interestingly enough, he had no idea what carrots or apples were, and he was confused by the handful of treats in my hand each time I opened the trailer door.

When Jim arrived home we were thrilled to unload him and put him in the pasture with his new friend Toby. This was the first time in my life that I had thrown a new horse in the pasture and there were no fireworks. None. Nothing happened. They went to eating hay and the introduction was amazingly uneventful. We had recently lost a horse and Toby, who was the lonely horse in the pasture, really needed a friend. Both horses were missing their partners and both horses seemed just as pleased to have each other. It was a very sweet day for all involved.

I was shocked to find that, what was a normal daily routine for any of our saddle horses, seemed to be totally foreign to Jim. Everything from taking treats, to going in and out of a stall each night, to being brushed seemed peculiar to Jim. The more I got to know him the more I realized that he had never been treated like a pet before. He was clearly very well taken care of, but he had a job. He must have been taken out to complete a task, fed , watered, and returned to his pasture. He had never had a spa day, been taken out for a walk to eat grass, worked in an arena, brushed for the sheer purpose of time well spent.

I was not sure that an 18 hand Percheron would be the best choice for this 5ft 3in cowgirl who knew nothing about draft horses. He was so big, so strong. I would be at the mercy of this giant creature any time he moved. I mean, how could this mighty horse aggressively pull those logs out of the woods for hours and have any care in the world for the tiny human standing next to him? How would we get along, I couldn’t even reach his head to get his halter on. But strangely enough he turned out to be one of the calmest, kindest, easiest horses to be around that I have met in my 36 years of being around horses. Jim and I formed a very quick bond that has led to an amazing friendship. I am reminded that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. He had turned this quarter horse type cowgirl into a draft horse fan in almost no time at all.

Jim came home and my husband spent time driving him, giving cart rides and pulling the occasional log around the farm. My husband’s busy schedule didn’t allow for a lot of extra time with Jim. Lucky for me, the keeper of the barn animals, Jim eased into his new life of not so hard work and I was the lucky one who got to spend my extra time with Big Jim.

The kids and I quickly found spending time with Jim to be a completely joyful event and Jim quickly realized that any time one of us was near him that we either had treats, dinner, hugs or love to share.

I’ve never seen a horse appreciate a grooming, a bath, clipping, or work sessions quite like Jim. Some days I wonder if Jim is fully aware of the fact that he hit the work horse jackpot when he landed at our house!?

The kids started falling for the big white draft horse and coined the name Big Jim. I was shocked at his mellow personality and pure joy for any ounce of attention he could get. He seemed to relish any moment that we were willing to spend with him. The calm demeanor of this gentle giant led to hours and hours of brushing, pony rides, and memorable moments with our kids.

I will forever have fond memories of my little kids and nieces and nephews doting over the big grey Percheron, painting him for the 4th of July, Jim carrying them carefully on his back. Looking back at them as if he appreciates the tiny little brush strokes as far up as their short arms can reach.

Jim is happy to please and seems to enjoy not having to work very hard. It took about 2 round pen lessons for him to learn to join up and follow my every move. With a slight pressure on the top of his nose he will drop his head to allow me to reach his head. He is by far the easiest horse in our barn to clip, bathe, work with, and ride. He has no use for spooking or trying to get out of any job you give him. Somehow I feel like he appreciates the lovely easy life we have given him. He returns the favor by being a good calm buddy for everyone at our place. Not a human has stepped foot into our barn that has not fallen in love with Big Jim just like I have.

As Jim’s years at our place wore on…we found that he was working less and enjoying more. Days of pulling the cart turned to hot days standing in the sprinkler. Spa days, good brushings, pony rides and play dates with an occasional short cart ride. It has always felt good to take care of the sweet soul. Never have I ever felt so appreciated by a horse.

I am forever in awe of his beauty. Every time I look out to the pasture and see him grazing in a lush green pasture I am reminded of how hard work pays off. Each day we have the opportunity to wake up and do the hard things, get the work done and also be good and kind to others just like Jim. Having a lot of power or strength is useless if we can’t work together and be kind and gentle to one another.

Big Jim was the boy I never knew I would fall in love with.

Jim is proof that there is so much power in being kind, forgiving and strong. These days Jim and I go for nice slow arena rides. My daughter loves to sit waaaay up there and trot, his huge strides make her smile and laugh every time. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with this magnificent creature who’s heart is as big as his hooves. I love tucking him in at night in his clean safe stall. Every night I leave the barn and turn out the light to him hanging his head over the stall door, eyes begging for just one more pet. He is a gentle giant in the truest sense. Big Jim – His Heart is as Big as his Hooves!

Look Who’s Back

Wow. It’s been a while! 6 years to be exact. So many things have changed since my last post. I’m a little older and, I like to think, a little wiser. The kids are growing into teenagers and life is very different than it was when they were littles. There are a few more critters on the farm and a few familiar fur babies that fill our hearts daily. Many hours and days of work on our property have made it even more of a home.

The world is in turmoil these days and a global pandemic has forced people to be far apart. It’s been a strange and scary time and we have been forced to stop doing a lot of things. My heart hurts for those affected by this virus and my heart is broken over the anger, fear, and drama that it has caused between people. It seems wrong to think that that there is a silver-lining because there is so much hurt in the world right now. It pains me to see so many people struggle, and I pray every day that it gets better. But all we have is hope and appreciation for the good. The silver-lining for me personally has been a chance to be home with my kids. Slow down. Enjoy the place my husband and I work so hard for. Take the time to look around at it and reflect. Connect with the animals that have been waiting patiently for our attention. As the days have ticked by I been reminded of what things ease my mind and heal my soul. This strange time has brought me back to the place I call home in a way that I never expected. Shining a light on the things that I have not had much time to pay attention to. The things that inspire me.

Guenther the barn kitty enjoys the sunshine on a summer day.

The past few months have allowed for countless hours spent with our animals, in nature, together as a little family unit, at home. The past several years have felt like a race. Survive the day and do all the things. This is the first time in years that I have stopped to pay attention. It has made me realize that, while I can’t save the world or fix any of these terrible things that are happening, I can do my part to spread joy, happiness, and hope. I decided it’s time to get back to blogging.

I hope you find posts that make you smile, make you laugh, and give you a break from the reality that things are hard right now.

I plan to share the joy our critters bring to us. We have 3 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 9 chickens, and 4 geese who entertain us daily. They are each characters in our little story that make us laugh and smile, I hope the will do the same for you and your kids!

I hope to share easy family friendly recipes, house projects, activities, happy thoughts, inspiration, and more. Whether you have visited before or if you are new here I hope you enjoy following along with our little family and farm! After all it’s what is really most important in this crazy life.

Love Bug – Cute Non-Candy Valentine

Earlier in the week I shared a cute kid’s valentine idea, and today I wanted to show you another!  Two kids, two totally different personalities, and two different Valentines to make.  This is a simple print, decorate, and attach a little surprise craft that will be as fun for the kids to put together as it is to give to friends!  With a simple mason jar printable and a happy Valentin’s Day Love Bug message, this is a great little valentine for kids of many ages whether they are boys or girls!

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Homemade Crayon Valentines For Kids

Valentines Day is closing in and I wanted to share what the kids made for their classmates this year for Valentines.  I am a pretty firm believer in giving non-cany valentines, considering the kiddos get plenty of other sweets between Christmas and this time of the year!  Here is a really fun valentine that my son made from start to finish for his friends that is a colorful way to give a surprise without the added sugar.  Homemade crayon rings with swirly colors and a message for friends to have a colorful Valentines day is the perfect sweet, but not TOO sweet gift!

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Create Santa’s Workshop In Your Living Room – Kid’s Christmas Activity

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.  The best way to creatively play in December, is to build the  North pole out of boxes with the kids.  This has been one of my children’s all time favorite holiday activities yet.  All you will need are a few random boxes, a role of packaging tape, a little left over wrapping paper and whatever lights and Christmas decor you have left over as well as the imagination of a kid or two.   Create your very own North Pole  playhouse your very own living room!

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Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Book For Christmas Day

Well December is here and that means…..our Elf on the shelf is BACK.  Our special  little Elf means exciting, memory filled mornings as the kids wake to see what his daily antics are.   They love him so.   I had to come up with a great way for them to say good bye to him each Christmas until the following year. Last year a special gift appeared all wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning from our friendly little elf.  It was a yearbook of his visits for the year and a goodbye message too including a message about the reason for the season.

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Let The Kids Trim A Tree With Glitter Noodles And Feathers

We love spending the weekend after Thanksgiving getting into the Christmas spirit.  In our house, part of that means the kids putting up and decorating their very own little Christmas  tree!  Part of the fun is letting them get creative, crafty, and well…covered in glitter if that’s what it takes to a trim the perfect Christmas tree in their eyes.  Last year we decided to make a craft project out of the decorating process.  We used things that we already had around the house to make some fun glittery decorations to spruce up the holidays.

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Fun, Cute, Easy Christmas Wrapping Idea

Christmas time is near and things get busy!  I always try to make the holidays extra special at our house, and it certainly doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to do so.  I do a lot of little things during the holiday season to try and make everything memorable without going crazy wasting too much time or money.  Here is a super fun way to warp a simple gift like a movie or game, that will simply delight your kids.  By using plain paper and adding a few little extras with a dab of glue, the Christmas wrap goes from boring…to quirky and cute and super fun.

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Play Like A Girl

Our family was blessed with a little boy and then two years later, a little girl. We really have the best of both worlds under one roof. In or house there are trucks, cars, sports, princesses, tea parties, and ponies. From dresses to cleats, we’ve got it all between both kid’s activities.  Let’s just talk a moment about the power of a little girl.  Because playing like a girl doesn’t always mean princess dresses and hair bows!  Our little girl is, in my opinion, a perfect mix.  She is a princess with the heart of a tom-boy. I will catch her in a princess dress having a tea party, but sitting in the sand pile covered in  mud up to her eyeballs.

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Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate and be thankful!  Here is a roundup of all of my favorite Thanksgiving activities to do, make, and talk about with the kids.  It is the perfect time of year to slow down and spend some quality time talking with your kids about being thankful each and every day.  From a tree that helps kids talk about what they are thankful for each day, to a creative turkey day centerpiece that lets the kids get crafty at the dinning room table – there is a project here that is bound to thrill and delight you and your kiddos!

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