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A Spotted Pony Fancy and Not Fancy

From the pasture to the pages of a book, comes the heartwarming story of a dynamic equine duo and their hilarious journey of true friendship.

Boots is a rip-snorting good time, while his best friend Fancy is a perfectly proper pony. Day after day Fancy tries to help Boots look and act like a perfect gentleman. Boots tries hard to please his friend, but he just can’t seem to get it right. As their daily adventures turn in to a roll on the ground funny spectacle, a problem is brewing between two well-meaning friends. While Fancy is busy trying to help Boots, she doesn’t notice that he is getting more and more unhappy. By the end of the story Fancy learns a valuable lesson in letting her friend be exactly who he is. You will fall in love with this silly and sweet story about two friends who don’t need to be fancy to be best friends!


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A Spotted Pony Parade Day


Kim Bond is a lifelong equestrian who has dreamed of brining her real-life funny farm to life for children around the world. She is now the proud author of her first published children’s book A Spotted Pony Parade Day. Her adventures with horses have inspired her first story and the characters are so close to her heart because she lives with them and cares for them every day. She hopes you will fall in love with the characters and their special personalities as quickly as she did with them in real-life. Using charming and fun-loving equine characters she hopes that her herd can help teach important life lessons in a fun and inspiring way.


Author Kim Bond and her “Spotted Pony” Toby who inspired her first children’s book.


Lil Boots

Sugar Bear


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A Spotted Pony Parade Day

Lovely and enchanting children’s book. The illustrations are beautiful and my 18-month-old daughter lets out a sound of excitement when it is time to read, “A Spotted Pony Parade Day”. I recommend for anyone who loves a cute and visually appealing story. -Brady K


An instant favorite – A Spotted Pony Parade Day has a fun storyline with a great message!

A Spotted Pony Parade Day is a delightful book that follows Toby and his friends as he snacks a little too much on a day, he skipped breakfast. His hungry tummy leads to some not-so-great choices, and he finds himself not feeling so festive. He should have eaten his breakfast! We love trying to remember what snack is next and finding the kitty on each page. This is a fun and memorable book, great for teaching about “sometimes foods.” It does a wonderful job of showing young children the importance of limiting junk foods and eating nutritious meals. Toby’s hard-learned lesson will help steer kids toward healthy choices and have them excited to learn more from Toby and his friends! -Angela Z.


My girls love looking for the little white kitty named skittles.  They think it’s so fun to see where she will be hiding on every page. They also love how silly Toby loves sweet parade treats! They imagine eating all the special treats with him, which often makes them giggle.  This lovely story keeps the kids imagining summer, parades, horses, and treats.  Which are all things they love!  A very sweet book! -Breana B


A Spotted Pony Parade Day shares a wonderful message about balance and making healthy choices through its entertaining story of a horse who stops to eat too many sweet treats and snacks along the parade route. When Toby ends up with a stomachache, he realizes he should have eaten his healthy breakfast and made better choices throughout the day.

A Spotted Pony Parade Day is our family’s new favorite book to read together. It has a little something for everyone. The adults were eager to see the places around Green Lake that were featured, and the kids enjoyed racing to find the cat on each page. With each page we turned, the kids couldn’t wait to see what Toby would eat next. Then we’d all giggle to see what treat he managed to find. We can’t wait to meet the rest of the horses in the series!

I also thought of a great idea to use it in my third-grade classroom every year to learn about adjectives because of all the great descriptive words you use!

-Amanda K


My kids loved “A Spotted Pony Parade.”  We all enjoyed the silly shenanigans of Toby and his fury friends. The story has a great message. We enjoyed searching for Skittles on each page. We can’t wait to see what Toby does next. -Jen W.

This book was silly, sweet, and a fun read! My class enjoyed listening to Toby’s journey and feeling as though they were on it with him. All the students were engaged with finding the silly kitty Skittles on each page too. Knowing that Toby and his heard are based on real horses made this story so special to all of us -Ava C. 1st grade teacher


A Spotted Pony, Parade Day    provides its readers an outstanding mind movie because of the book’s descriptive words. The book offers parents a way to teach their children about choices and consequences. -Heidi E.


“Don’t look away for a second if Toby is near by! This silly horse has an insatiable appetite that gets him in trouble! A cute and lovable book children and adults of all ages are sure to love.” -The Clark Crew


My Grandson’s Loved this story. Not only do they want a pony not. But they couldn’t believe he could eat all those great treats in one day. When they found out that this was a story about REAL LIVE animals their questions overflowed. Someday they hope they can meet all these animals. Especially the Spotted Pony. Ronald is 3 years and Robert is 5 years….They both Loved this Story.

-Bonnie E.


This book has everything you want in a children’s story. Whether you actually own horses or have just dreamed of your own pony since being a little kid, you immediately love sweet, slightly-naughty Toby, a pony who sure knows what he likes! There’s a sense of lightheartedness and joy in the story, and the illustrations more than match that vibe. I highly recommend this delightful story that highlights some great messages in a really fun way! -Tobey C


If you love going on silly adventures and have a love for animals, especially horses, you need to read this book! Toby keeps you smiling as he moves his way through the story. Children who hear this story learn the importance of not overindulging in sweet treats. Of course. When I read this story to my three sons, they loved looking for Skittles, the white cat, on each page. They also thought it was hilarious when Toby ate the nachos and didn’t like them.  Toby loved every treat but his reaction to the nachos was funny and unexpected. -Jessica K.


I have read it and reread it a number of times.  I love the characters jump off the pages and into your heart. -Betty S.


This is a sweet book that my kids really enjoy, all 4 of them. It was silly with a fun adventure.  We are familiar with the location of the book, and the kids loved recognizing all the local landmarks.  Their favorite was finding the cat on all of the pages. It was fun to match the photos with the book illustrations. Thank you for sharing your story and love of horses with us. -Kari H.


I received my order of “A Spotted Pony Parade Day”  Kim Bond, author of this adorable children’s book. I am deeply moved by the precious story and illustrations.  I adore Skittles being present through all the shenanigans!  All those treats look delicious but even I would have a tummy ache had I overindulged like Toby!  Carissa captured emotion and vibrancy in her lovely illustrations. Kim is a thoughtful, energetic, and kind storyteller; helping us feel light and happy throughout this delightful book. Thank you, Kim and Carissa, for sharing your talents with us. -Laurie B


Meeting Kim was such a pleasure, as well as hearing about her real-life antics of Toby the Spotted Pony.  It was clear that Kim put a lot of time and effort into achieving the high quality of her products.  I think this is a labor of love for her that will bring joy to so many children and adults too! – Susan F.