A Spotted Pony Parade Day Hardcover Book

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A Spotted Pony Parade Day is a silly adventure inspired by events of a real horse named Toby. Toby is a friendly and flashy spotted horse who loves to snatch up snacks and try new treats.  The annual parade is coming to town and he cannot wait to join his friends on an adventure.  Toby is so busy watching everyone get ready to high step through town that he forgets to eat a healthy breakfast. He soon realizes he is a very hungry horse.  There are many new friends to meet in town and Toby wants to stop and greet them all. The problem is each new friend has a sweet treat and Toby finds them very hard to resist.  Even though his friends warn him not to eat too many sweets, he finds himself snatching up all those cookies, candies, popcorn, and even nachos!  Follow Toby on his exciting (and filling) journey through town as he nibbles all the treats he can.  By the end of the parade Toby learns a valuable lesson about not overdoing it. You will fall in love with this silly story about a horse that just cannot resist another sweet treat!


Trim Size:11.000″ x 8.500″ (216mm x 280mm)

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Page Count:36

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