Play Like A Girl

Our family was blessed with a little boy and then two years later, a little girl. We really have the best of both worlds under one roof. In or house there are trucks, cars, sports, princesses, tea parties, and ponies. From dresses to cleats, we’ve got it all between both kid’s activities.  Let’s just talk a moment about the power of a little girl.  Because playing like a girl doesn’t always mean princess dresses and hair bows!  Our little girl is, in my opinion, a perfect mix.  She is a princess with the heart of a tom-boy. I will catch her in a princess dress having a tea party, but sitting in the sand pile covered in  mud up to her eyeballs.

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Great Gift Idea For Kids Of Any Age – Craft Basket Complete With Ideas

A child’s birthday party is a great time to celebrate and to give them something special.  Many parents get overwhelmed by the toys that their kids acquire in their homes, and that is what prompted this gift. My favorite gift to give is a craft basket filled with supplies – complete with crafty ideas.

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