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Great Gift Idea For Kids Of Any Age – Craft Basket Complete With Ideas

A child’s birthday party is a great time to celebrate and to give them something special.  Many parents get overwhelmed by the toys that their kids acquire in their homes, and that is what prompted this gift. My favorite gift to give is a craft basket filled with supplies – complete with crafty ideas.

This is definitely one of my all time favorite gifts to give for birthdays, especially for toddlers and preschool aged kids.  A simple storage basket filled to the brim with craft supplies that allows them to get creative and use their imagination day after day.  I especially love giving this gift to kids who have mom’s that stay home with them, because I know how often we use our own craft box each week at our house.  My kids have a huge craft box that “Santa”  brought them for Christmas when they were very small.  Now each Christmas “Santa”  helps replenish their craft supplies that they have used up over the year.   I love giving this as a gift because it encourages creative play, and will entertain them for countless hours over a long period of time.  It easily stores into the included container and doesn’t require batteries or a huge space in the living room.  It also cures that “I’m bored” syndrome that every mother hates!

  The gift basket can easily be adapted for older, or younger kids, by gender, or by a particular child’s interests.  I think this could work for kids of all ages even into their teenage years, if you know what they like!  Heck, I would still love to get a basket filled with craft supplies!  This particular basket was filled with supplies that came almost exclusively from the dollar store that were the perfect girly colors.  For about $20.00 I was able to put together a great basket filled with craft supplies to keep the birthday girl busy for months to come.  Now is a great time to take advantage of back to school sales and pick up supplies at great prices for gifts like this!

Here is a list of supplies that I included, but the possibility are endless.

  • White storage basket (with added ribbon to make it pretty- I forgo the gift wrap)
  • Clothes Pins
  • Paint set
  • Glue Sicks
  • Googly Eyes
  • Finger paints
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Foam stickers
  • Crayons
  • markers
  • Pom poms
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Colored Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Yarn
  • Bingo marker
  • Construction paper
  • Paper bags
  • Writing tablet
  • Colored Pencils
  • Buttons (from my stash at home)
  • Clothes pins

I included the clothes pins in the basket as a way to give craft projects ideas and they also work great to hold packages closed after they have been opened.  The kids and I thought up some of our favorite craft projects and I wrote them onto clothes pins using permanent marker in bright colors.  We then attached the clothes pin ideas to the supply that would/could be used to make that particular craft.  For instance we put a clothes pin saying puppets onto the package of paper bags, and bugs onto the bag of pom poms because we love to make caterpillars with them.  It was a great way to get my kids involved in the gift giving process and they gave me great ideas to put onto the clothes pins.

I added a foam heart glued to a clothes pin on the from of the basket that explained that the clothes pins included ideas for crafts to make.

I have given this gift to lots of different little ones in many different forms and always hear from their moms that is much loved and gets a lot of use.  In my eyes nothing is better than giving the gift of creative play!

3 thoughts on “Great Gift Idea For Kids Of Any Age – Craft Basket Complete With Ideas

  1. Kim, I cannot tell you how amazing this gift has been for us!! We have spent countless hours digging through this amazing gift and making all sorts of wonderful things, thank you so much for this amazing gift!

    1. It was absolutely my pleasure! So happy to hear that she is still enjoying it!

  2. What a wonderful idea. THANKS for sharing it.
    I will make a basket like this for my clothes friend’s kids, but also for my son. ^_^

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