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Garden Flowers Make Our Home Feel Happy

Our garden is in full swing and of all of the wonderful things that we are harvesting I think the flowers have got to be my favorite.  I love having fresh flowers in our home, but buying them is never an option.  For the few dollars I spent on seeds and bulbs this spring, I am now able to fill our home with colorful flowers that make our home bright and cheerful.

When I was in college I worked for many years in two different flower shops.  I enjoyed my job very much, and learned a lot about floral care, arranging, and decorating with colorful flowers of all kinds.  The very first flower shop that I worked at was in my hometown of just over 7,ooo people.  It was a small floral shop, but one of the only places other than the grocery store to purchase flowers in our town.  I didn’t have to work there long to realize each week that we were delivering a fresh floral bouquet to the same house.  After a short time I found out that one sweet husband had been doing this for years for his wife.  He would come in an pay his bill each month and I finally figured out why we were stopping at the same place week after week.   To my surprise he had requested that we send a colorful bouquet at a set price (which was not a huge amount) with whatever flowers we chose to his wife so that she could enjoy fresh flowers in their home each week.  He had been doing this for some time, and I was taken back by the oh, so sweet and romantic gesture!  Although the flowers weren’t expensive, I’m sure that they meant much more to his wife who probably looked forward to her delivery each week.   Oh, chivalry is not dead to some men and I sure hope that that lucky wife is still getting those lovely bouquets from her loving husband.  Just warms my heart to think about it.  Someone should inform my hubby of the romantic idea for fresh flowers delivered each week to his lovely wife for a 25th wedding anniversary or something.   Although I think I would feel like it was too much and probably beg him not to spend money on flowers for me, it is a wonderful and thoughtful idea that I’m sure any wife would love.

I love the feeling I get when I walk past a fresh bouquet of flowers in our house.  They just plain make me happy, and I wish I could always have them on the dining room table, and the sofa table in the living room.  Of course, it is very low on the priority list, but I do what I can to grow our own flowers that I can cut and put in vases in our house.  This year has been exceptionally exciting because my little girl, at three years old, helped me plant all of the flower seeds and bulbs, and her excitement day to day when she rushes to the garden to see what popped up over night is magical.  I adore how she runs to the house and insists on putting them in a vase with me.  It has definitely been worth the little amount of money that we spent for the beautiful happy colored flowers, but the experience for the kids and I as well.  Not only have they learned how and why they grow, but they get great satisfaction out of having them in our house to enjoy especially because they helped to grow them.

So although, I do not get a fresh bouquet of flowers sent by my hubby each week, I do love the fresh garden flowers that we are enjoying this summer that were grown with love by my kids!  I’m not sure what would be better, but it makes me very happy that we didn’t spend a lot of money to have them in our house!    Each time I pass the vases of flowers I think of my daughter’s joy and surprise as she finds and picks them, and the thought of my son helping pull weeds and spraying me with the garden hose while he is “watering” them.  They certainly make our home feel wonderfully happy this time of the year!