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DIY Customized Water Bottles Using Decorative Tape

Looking for a fun way to make serving bottled water extra special at an event or party?  Turn those store bought bottled waters into customized bottles that for fit your event’s decor for just a couple dollars.  A roll of decorative packaging tape is all you need to transform those boring water bottles  to an extraordinary addition to your event!  Not only are these great for events, parties, cookouts, birthdays, and graduations but they are great to keep in the fridge for the kids to grab and go.  We use them in lunches, for sporting events and more.  It’s quick and easy for the kids to keep track of their water bottle at sporting events because they are specially marked and easily identifiable.  This takes only moments and takes bottled water to a new, fun level.


 We recently threw an event at our house and, of course, bottled water was one of the first things that we bought to keep our guests hydrated and happy.  Everyone from toddler, teenagers, to adults loves a nice cold water on a hot day.  We purchased three cases of plain bottled water and then decided we should spice them up a bit.  I originally hadn’t planned to, but while looking for extra ways to make my event special I came upon this idea to personalize water bottles with duct tape at Mommy Savers.  It’s a fun and super inexpensive way to make your water bottles fit into any parties theme.  There are lots and lots of decorative duct tapes on the marked now.  You can find it at the craft store, dollar store, or department stores in a variety of fun, colorful patterns.  Because we were putting on our Comfort For Kids Campaign Event that I mentioned recently I was looking for something that had hearts on it.  Our event was to create blankets fro children affected by heart disease, and I thought serving water covered in hearts would be a great way to thank our guests.  Do you think I could find heart covered duct tape anywhere… of course not.


 I had all but given up on the idea, until a stop at the Dollar General to pick up some tag board for a poster when I spotted some fun decorative tape.  It was not duct tape, but at just $2.00 a roll I figured I would give it a shot.  I picked up the rolls of the perfectly colored packaging tape and headed home to dress up the 96 bottles of water that we had for the event.


The process was simple, just a bit time consuming, but with extra help it goes super quick.


Remove the label from bottled water

and replace it with a section of decorative packaging tape!

The result is:


 Pretty bottles of water customized perfectly for any type of event that you could possibly have!  I was able to cover all 96 bottles with less than two rolls of tape, and was so happy with the end results.  I found that the tape held up perfectly to being submerged in ice, and feel like it would almost look and hold up better than duct tape.  Success!

We had a few bottles left over after the event, and upon leaving them in the fridge, I found that the kids LOVED grabbing and drinking these!  They took them everywhere with them from dance recitals, to t-ball practices, and they always knew which water belonged to them.  What a fun and simple way to label your kids water for sporting events and functions.  They make it easy for them to spot their water, and fun for them to take too!  A great way to promote a healthy habit – drinking more water!