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Traveling With Kids – Chip Clip Card Holder

My kids have loooooved playing card games since their first round of go fish!  We often enjoy card games on rainy days, game nights, and even on card trips.  When they were very young I noticed that they had a hard time viewing all of their cards at once without dropping them as they sorted through their stack, trying to figure out which card to play.  A stop at the dollar store was all we needed to to turn card games with toddlers into an easy and even “on the go” activity.  Using a large chip clip they can hold all of their cards so that they see them, but their competitors cannot.  This is also a great way to play cards on a road tip. A simple solution for little hands and a great way to promote play, learning, and fun as a family.

This is a little trick that I spotted on The Crafting Chicks a couple of years ago, and we have been doing it ever since.  What a genius idea!    It really helps little hands to control their cards while they are playing, so they can spend more time having fun, and less time dropping, sorting, and showing their cards to the person next to them.  I busted out a new set of chip clips and a new set of cards for each child on a recent road trip and it kept them busy for hours!

You can pick up large chip clips at the dollar store 2 for $1.00 and they have a great selection of kids character playing cards!  My kids adore the card games that include their favorite characters and you can’t beat the price.  These would make a fun gift and can be decorated or personalized for kids at any age that love to play games.  Try them as a fun party favor for the kid’s next birthday or let the kids decorate their own as a fun activity! There are just so many reasons to turn off the TV and play games with your kids.  Go play cards outside, play in the car, make a fort and play inside – your chip clip card holders can go anywhere you can and will make game night fun for everyone, no matter how little they are!

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