Gardening With Kids – A Garden Tea Table

Since I have been on the subject of gardening this week I wanted to share a couple more projects with you in case you are out working in the garden over the next few weeks too!  My kids are always in the garden with me and keeping them busy is always important.  This year I have decided to give them their very own little space in the garden to play throughout the summer!  The best part is we made this play area out of nothing but stumps, branches, twine, and some mulch.  It didn’t cost us a thing, and the kids are free to run, play, and hangout in their own space without stomping out the things we have planted.  We created a very simple tea table from a few stumps that we had laying around, and it has been more fun for them that any toy you can buy!

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DIY Customized Water Bottles Using Decorative Tape

Looking for a fun way to make serving bottled water extra special at an event or party?  Turn those store bought bottled waters into customized bottles that for fit your event’s decor for just a couple dollars.  A roll of decorative packaging tape is all you need to transform those boring water bottles  to an extraordinary addition to your event!  Not only are these great for events, parties, cookouts, birthdays, and graduations but they are great to keep in the fridge for the kids to grab and go.  We use them in lunches, for sporting events and more.  It’s quick and easy for the kids to keep track of their water bottle at sporting events because they are specially marked and easily identifiable.  This takes only moments and takes bottled water to a new, fun level.

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Glory Glory Morning Glories

I certainly wouldn’t say that I have a green thumb, but over the last few years I have learned a lot about gardening through trial and error.  Flowers have always been scary to me, so I like to stick with things that I know I can manage.  Good old zinnias and sunflowers, and gladiolas  are fool proof and about the only thing I have had success with until… drum roll please… last summer. I was determined to cover my garden fence in climbing flowers, and glory glory…Morning glories were my answer.  I was able to grow the most beautiful morning glories, and they cover the entire side of my garden in their simple splendor.  Beautiful winding stems, and amazingly vibrant colors all in-twined in my simple garden fence were not so difficult and SO worth the effort!

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Let The Kids Be Mom For The Day Before Going Back To School

A lot of kids are back to school this week or will be getting on that bus in the next couple of weeks.  This year we are celebrating one of our last full days together before school starts with a fun twist to the day.  Today the kids were appointed Mommy for the day and will choose how we spend the day, all of our activities, and even our meals.  What a fun way to end the summer together.

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12 Activities To Keep Kids Busy At Home Using Things That You Already Have

Being home with the kids every day has really challenged my creativity when it comes to keeping them occupied in a constructive way.  We are always trying to find ways to spend out time at home together that is interesting to my preschool ages kids and that doesn’t cost any money.  Here are 12 simple ideas.

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Preschooler Activity Using Things From The Kitchen

Here is a great activity that will keep the kids busy for a long time – marshmallow and toothpick towers.  Grab that stale bag of mini marshmallows from the cupboard and a package of toothpicks.  You will be shocked at the amazing stuff your kids will be able to create with those them, and how much fun they will have creating with something so simple.

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Put Together An Outdoor Tresure Hunt For Kids

My kids love a good treasure hunt!  It is a great way to surprise your kids with a fun filled activity that includes hunting for treasure, looking for clues, and following a map along the way.  What an inexpensive way to thrill your child at any age!  A few simple supplies and a treasure at the end is all you will need for a this super fun family activity.

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