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#TysonPickyEaters – Making Mealtime Fun

As a stay at home Mom I shop for, prepare, serve, and clean up three meals a day. Getting my kids to eat a balanced, healthy meal is important to me. From the very beginning I have done my best to teach my children healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Nothing is more frustrating than cooking a meal and then scraping it off of the kid’s plates into the garbage can. We have all done it. Here are some great ways to make meal time fun so your kids get the nutrition that they need.  From my experience, the most effective manner of getting the kids to eat is by making mealtime fun! From cutting things into fun shapes to making faces out of packed lunches I am always coming up with new ways to make meal time silly, fun, and playful.  Here are some fun ways to make meal time fun!

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Cinnamon French Toast Bake – Feeding A Crowd For The Holidays

The holidays get hectic, their is no doubt about it, and if you are in charge of feeding the family, or entertaining – planning ahead is key to you enjoying your holiday.  One of the things that I love most about Christmas morning is our leisurely morning in our pajamas huddled around the Christmas tree.  Here is a great way to avoid spending those precious moments in the kitchen and still serve your family a warm and tasty breakfast on Christmas morning.  This quick, easy recipe for cinnamon french toast bakes up in the oven so you don’t have to stand flipping toast on the griddle.  Throw it together, and get back to your family while it bakes.

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Strawberry Dessert Kabobs

Summertime means ripe perfect strawberries in our neck of the woods.  This is a great summertime dessert that anyone can make and that everyone will love.  Here is a quick and ultra tasty summer time dessert that the entire family will not be able to resist.  Strawberry dessert kabobs will be a hit after a summer cookout or party.  They take minutes to put together and are fresh, fun, and really good too.

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Birthday Breakfast – Cakebatter Pancakes

Here is yet another cake batter recipe for those of you who love everything to taste like cake as much as I do!  This is our new go-to special birthday breakfast.  Delicious pancakes infused with cake flavor and topped with sprinkles.  What a great way to start a birthday morning.

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Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Summer is almost here and the thought of ice cream treats and sweet summer nights are so close I can taste it.  Here is an incredibly tasty “homemade” ice cream cake that is perfect for any occasion.  You won’t believe how simple it is, and neither will anyone you share it with because it is that good.

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