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#TysonPickyEaters – Making Mealtime Fun

As a stay at home Mom I shop for, prepare, serve, and clean up three meals a day. Getting my kids to eat a balanced, healthy meal is important to me. From the very beginning I have done my best to teach my children healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Nothing is more frustrating than cooking a meal and then scraping it off of the kid’s plates into the garbage can. We have all done it. Here are some great ways to make meal time fun so your kids get the nutrition that they need.  From my experience, the most effective manner of getting the kids to eat is by making mealtime fun! From cutting things into fun shapes to making faces out of packed lunches I am always coming up with new ways to make meal time silly, fun, and playful.  Here are some fun ways to make meal time fun!

  From asking them to each pick a meal for the week to letting them prepare it with me, it is always a family affair, and keeping things fun, and exciting helps me feed my kids things that they love, and that I love giving to them.

Busy Mom’s know that sometimes a quick easy meal isn’t always the healthiest choice.  While most often we eat home cooked meals made from fresh foods, we don’t always have 2 hours to make and eat dinner at night.    I know a lot of families who are strapped for time, especially in the evenings.  Sometimes feeding your family has to happen fast so you can keep up with the life.  I feel that making quick dinners shouldn’t sacrifice nutrition if it planned out right.

Holiday themed sandwiches

Glittery Sour patch Grapes

Mommy and Me Caterpillar Grape Kabobs

Snack pack – Feeding Kid’s Healthy while On The Go

Healthy Snack – Caterpillar Grape Kabobs

Travel Food- Bite Sized Cracker Sandwiches

Holiday Themed Pancakes

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cookie Cutter Pizza Shapes

Bite Sized Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches

There are always healthy fresh or frozen veggies, or fresh fruits to add to quick meals in our house. Paired with a great source of protein and a glass of milk my kids are fed, full, and happy in no time.

From experience, I have found that anything bite sized is a hit with the kids, and if it can be dunked into sauce it is always a winner. “Winner winner chicken dinner” is a common phrase in our house and chicken is always welcomed by both kids on their dinner plates.

My kids love chicken nuggets for a quick before dance class dinner or play date lunch.  I know that they will gobble them up in a flash, and paired with some healthy fruits, vegetables, and milk, it is a nutritious and balanced meal that my kids will love.

Right now Tyson is giving away some adorable plates to help make mealtime super fun for your kids by allowing them to play with their food!  They can create and decorate their very own plate at the dinner table.

I am 100% OK with letting my kids play with their food as long as it ends up in their mouth!  New research shows that letting kids play with their food is a great way to promote healthy eating.

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