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Birthday Breakfast – Cakebatter Pancakes

Here is yet another cake batter recipe for those of you who love everything to taste like cake as much as I do!  This is our new go-to special birthday breakfast.  Delicious pancakes infused with cake flavor and topped with sprinkles.  What a great way to start a birthday morning.

Yesterday was a special day in our house.  My most amazing hubby had a birthday, and the kids and I did our best to make the day special for him.  He is not big on people making a fuss over his birthday, so I do my best to keep things simple but special.  They always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?   So… that’s the route I take.  Of all of the cake batter recipes I have tried, this is by far his favorite!  Light and fluffy birthday pancakes adorned with pretty sprinkles and topped with a simple and sweet sugar glaze.

We were so lucky to have him home with us for breakfast on his birthday yesterday (usually he is gone for work long before we wake up), so the kids and I got busy cooking up his absolute favorite pancakes to help start his special day off right.  The first time he ate these, he ate so many that he felt sick.  I guess that is a good sign of great recipe.  We topped the pancakes with extra sprinkles and a candle and sang Happy Birthday first thing in the morning.  It was fun for the kids to make him something special to eat and to sing at breakfast time together.  I think these pancakes pair pretty well with a good cup of coffee and are certainly the perfect birthday treat!

These pancakes are super easy to make and the only special ingredient that you need is a box of yellow cake mix.  Everything else you probably have in the pantry already.  I have tried these with a couple different flavors of cake mix and I keep going back to the yellow mix.  I originally found this recipe on a great site filled with awesome recipes called Chef In Training.  Her recipe is right on, and super tasty!  I did as she suggested and added a little more cake mix flavor to our pancakes and they were perfect.

I know I will be making this recipe over and over again.   My son first asked for these for his birthday dinner and they were a total hit with every person in the family.  I know that these will be a great tradition through the years for the perfect birthday morning breakfast for the kids and for the hubby too!



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  1. Great option to start a special day! Thanks for posting it.

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