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Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Summer is almost here and the thought of ice cream treats and sweet summer nights are so close I can taste it.  Here is an incredibly tasty “homemade” ice cream cake that is perfect for any occasion.  You won’t believe how simple it is, and neither will anyone you share it with because it is that good.

I kind of feel like I can’t even call this a recipe or a homemade ice cream cake.  It is so simple and easy that I totally feel like it is cheating.  Especially when people are eating it and raving about how much they like it, it’s hard not to admit that is the simplest thing I have ever made.

I made this super easy ice cream cake for the first time for an after dinner treat last summer.  We were having a little family celebration and it seemed that it would make the perfect treat that the kids would love as much as the parents.  I was intrigued by the fact that it only took a few ingredients, and about five minutes to throw together.  I am SO glad that I gave this a try.  It was a huge hit, and I have made it many times to share with family and friends.  My mom even requested it for her birthday this year.  My family loves to celebrate birthdays with Dairy Queen Ice cream cakes, but this is now becoming the new birthday ice cream treat.  An added bonus is that it costs far less to make than a Dairy Queen cake, and can feed a crowd just the same.  I found this super easy recipe for a simple and delicious ice cream cake from  I’m A Mom Not A Professional.  I loved her step by step instructions, and this cake could be altered so many ways to suit your tastes!  I am a huge fan of the whoppers and adding colorful sprinkles to the top!  Here is how you can make one yourself!

You will need:

1 Box of whoppers

1 Box of ice cream bars

Cool whip

Chocolate sauce

I like to use an 8 by 8 glass baking dish to make my ice cream cake in.  A Package with 12 ice cream bars fits perfectly into that sized pan.

1. Layer the bottom of your pan with ice cream bars, cut to fit sides if you need to.

2.  Add a layer of Cool Whip

3.  Crush some whoppers (I use my magic bullet on the pulse setting) and sprinkle them over the Cool Whip

4.  Add some chocolate syrup over the whoppers

5.  Add another layer of Ice cream bars

6.  Add another layer of Cool Whip

7.  Add another layer of crushed Whoppers  (I also add some whole whoppers to the top)

8.  Add a pretty layer of chocolate syrup swirled over the top

9.  Add decorative sprinkles to match your occasion

I usually make these in advance before a party or get together and store them in the freezer covered in saran wrap.  The glass pan makes the cake easy to transport, and store leftovers, but doesn’t detract from how pretty the cake looks when it is all done.

This cake was a hit in my house, and I would bet it would be in yours too!  I can’t wait to give it a try using mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, and experiment with other flavors.  You could really get crazy trying different combinations.  Anything from different chocolates or candies, caramel syrups, fruit syrups, chocolate or french vanilla dessert toppings, or fruit.  The possibilities are endless!

When I am making this as an after dinner treat for just our family of four I simply cut the recipe in half and make it in a glass loaf pan.  It is the perfect size for our little family, and easily stores the leftovers for another night.  If you have never attempted a homemade ice cream cake before, this is the way to do it, and no one needs to know how easy it was!  I’m anxiously awaiting a warm summer night to enjoy this cake again with my family.  It is the perfect way to end a summer day.

3 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake

  1. Ice cream cakes are great for every month of the year, even the cold ones. Have you found another candy that works as well as whoppers do?

    1. I made a mint Grasshopper version of this cake that was amazing! I used Andes Mint candies that added great flavor and some crunch. You can check out the recipe here:
      I haven’t experimented with anything else yet though.

      1. Thanks for the recipe and the prompt reply! A mint chocolate version sounds irresistible.

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