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Tomato Cage and White Light Ghost – Halloween Decoration

Halloween is just a few days a way!  Need a friendly way to greet those adorable trick or treaters that stop by your door this Halloween?  Meet our new friend who was created in just minutes using a tomato cage, Christmas lights, a bed sheet, and a pair of plastic dollar store eyes.  What a fun way to light up your porch this Halloween and create a glowing ghost friend from things you already have!  Every kid who has seen our little ghost has found him to be super awesome, but not too scary!

Here is yet another Pinterest inspired Halloween decoration that I just had to share with you.  My pin did not lead to the original link but whoever thought it up is so darn clever!  Just like the mummy lights that I showed you last week this is a simple DIY  that can be created super quick and uses things that you already have around your house!  These are my favorite kinds of holiday projects to do because they have a big impact with little time, effort, and money.

The steps to creating this little ghost are pretty self explanatory but here is a little run down of how I made it.

I grabbed a tomato cage from the garden while I was cleaning up after our fall harvest.

I flipped it onto the circular top and bent the spokes (bottom) so that they were formed into a head shape.

I attached the entire tomato cage to the railing of our porch using a zip tie (so it wouldn’t tip in the wind).

I wrapped one string of white Christmas lights up, down, and around the entire tomato cage.

I then found an old off white bed sheet and draped it over the tomato cage.  I used office clips to attach it secure in the back so the wind wouldn’t blow it away.

I then attached a pair of plastic eyes to the sheet with a dab of hot glue.  I found the eyes at the Dollar Tree in a kit complete with an entire face.  The kids love to put them on their pumpkins, but my son was super excited to share his with our new friend the ghost.  You could use permanent marker,black fabric, or paint to make a face too.

That’s all there is to it!  I love the way it looks outside at night, especially with our trail of lit up tulle pumpkins!  It really does have a huge impact for how little effort it took to put together.  Spending money on holiday decorations is never really an option for us, but this is a fantastic way to get creative, and have some Halloween fun with practical things that you already own!  It would be so fun to have a whole row of them lining a driveway, or sitting in the yard.  If you already have tomato cages for you garden, you can’t beat the price of these adorable DIY Halloween ghost decorations.  I hope you give this simple DIY a try so you can greet those trick or treaters this weekend!