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Toilet paper Roll Craft – Kids Halloween Frankenstein Decoration

Halloween is a holiday filled with mystery little kids.  How are they not to love an entire day dedicated to dressing up and collecting all sorts of candy and treats just because they look cute in their costumes.  My kids love Halloween, and they love any project that is Halloween inspired.  This project uses toilet paper rolls and allows the kids to transform them into adorable Frankenstein Halloween decorations.  Let them create the Halloween decor in your home!

I found this fabulous Halloween Frankenstein craft idea via No Time For Flash Cards a blog all about learning and play for babies, toddlers and kids.  Once again it inspired a fun and free kid’s craft to get my kids excited for Halloween.  I love that Holidays like Halloween give us the opportunity to craft things that the kids can proudly display and help to decorate for the season with their masterpieces!

This was a perfect rainy day project and I was so happy to have my kindergartener home from school to do it with us because of teachers conferences.  Strangely my day seems much more complete and “right”  when he is home with me, but I suppose any stay at home mom feels that way when her little birdies are in the nest with her.  Anyway – this is a great project to do in anticipation of Halloween and I LOVE that it uses toilet paper rolls.  One of those things that you would toss in the garbage without hesitation.  I must admit, I have a whole bag of toilet paper rolls stashed away because their are so many great projects that involve them for the kiddos.  last fall we made binoculars from them, and they are always great for necklaces or just about anything you can dream up.

For this project you will need:

Toilet paper rolls

green and black/brown craft paint or markers

googly eyes


black market


glitter (for girly Frankensteinets)

ribbon for bows or to hang them

golf tees or plastic plugs (my husband was out of tees and I found these plugs in his shop – sorry I’m not sure what they are called) for the ears

The first step is to have you little one cut slits in the top of the toilet paper roll for hair

Poke holes in the roll and insert the golf tees or plugs for your child (glue into place if necessary)

Then draw a guide line for them so they know what section to paint for the hair and body

Let them paint to their hearts content

Add sparkles while paint is wet if you like

After the paint has dried you can attach the eyes with glue

Draw on a scary face

Glue on bows or ribbons for hanging

My kids got pretty creative with their little Frankenstein friends and even added  foam stickers  to the faces.  These will stand nicely on their own, but we decided that they would look perfect hung on our Halloween tree with their egg carton bats.  The were the perfect addition to the tree and I love that are house is now all decorated for Halloween using the kid’s crafty projects.