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Three Little Stools Refinished – A Numerical Paint Job

Three little stools on their way to the garbage turned into fresh pieces of home decor with a little spray paint and love.  These stools were given and I instantly knew that they would be perfect for our home.  The are totally functional, and with a new paint job fit our home perfectly.  They are perfect for extra kids at the dining room table, the perfect side tables to pull up to a chair in the living room, and fit into sweet little nooks so the kids can sit and put their shoes on by the door.

I am so excited to share this little stool redo with you!  I have a ton of great DIY home decor ideas to share with you the next few weeks before the holiday posts start up again!  I wanted to start with the before and after picture of these stools so you can see what a difference a can of spray paint can make.  I received these stools  when our kiddos were really small.  They were no longer wanted and needed some TLC.  I  pictured them around the dining room table when the kids had little friends over down the road.  I stored the stools for a while, and when our kids got a little older found it time to bring them out and use them.  They need a little repair so I figured I would give them a new look at the same time.

I got to work using a liquid sander to prime the stools and then coated them with a couple layers of white spray paint.  They looked better, but needed a little something else.  I spotted some great numerical stools that were redone and distressed on Sweet Something Designs that were the perfect inspiration for my little stools.  Y’all know I love the whole numerical home decor idea from my gallery wall project.  I just loved the shabby chic look of the distressed white paint and the numbers add such great character and interest to the stools.

I applied Klean-Stip Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser to the original stools  finish so that my white paint will adhere to them. I used this same product on a shelf redo and on a project to turn a dresser into an entertainment center.  It is way easier than sanding the entire piece and works great for me, especially if I am going to distress the paint anyway.

Once my stools were spray painted white I used my Cricut machine to cut out a vinyl stencil to paint on the numbers. You could just print, trace, and hand paint numbers using any image if you don’t have a Cricut machine.  I debated distressing the chairs after I painted the numbers on in black, but decided to go for it.  The above picture shows how different the distressing makes the stools look.  I am glad I distressed them, and am perfectly pleased with the end result and the old varnish color peeking through.  I added a layer of glossy clear lacquer to seal the paints finish and make the stools easy to wipe down and clean.

Not only do I think these stools are adorable, but I love how functional and versatile they have become in our home.  They look great in a  row used as a bench, but we use them so many different ways in our home separately too.

They are the perfect size to hide in a little nook in the house.  I have one sitting right next to the garage door in the house where the kids sit to get their shoes on before we leave for school in the morning.  I use it often too and am constantly dropping my purse right next to the door on it and stashing my shoes under it in between dropping off and picking up the kiddos.  When it is time to get the kids from school I just grab my stuff and go.

They are the perfect height to tuck under the dinning room table for the kids to sit on.  If we have company for dinner, they are perfect for tucking under the table for extra seating, plus the kids pick a number and claim their seat for the night.  I also keep one under the island in the kitchen so the kids can sit by me while I am cooking and chat – I love that stool most.  Their little feet hanging, kicking back and forth, while they tell me about their day while I am making dinner is something I totally cherish.

These  little stools also make the perfect little side tables for the living room if we are having a get together and move the furniture around a little.  I just grab a couple of stools and set them next to extra chairs, and our guests have the perfect little spot for a drink or some snacks right by their chair.  I even use these in the kid’s rooms if they are feeling under the weather.  I put them next to their beds filled with crackers, and drinks so they can rest comfortably in their beds and have everything they need to  get better within an arms reach .  Thanks to the glossy finish that I added at the end the little stools turned tables can be simply wiped down and disinfected without damaging the paint.

When I first brought these home I had no idea how much use I would get out of them.  I am so glad I saved them and that they have new life in our home.  Any project that turns something that was on it’s way to the trash into something that you love and use is a great project in my book.  Painting them to fit our decor was well worth the effort, especially because I am happy to have them in any room of our house.  A little spray paint can make a big difference when you save an old piece of furniture – these little stools are proof of that!

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  1. I love what you did on these stools. It brings a rustic feel to it and it would really look fantastic on anyone’s home. It is something I must do too.

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