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Simple And Inexpesnive Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day With Kids

 Next week is a big week in our house.  The festivities begin with Valentine’s day followed by both kids having a birthday within 4 days of that.  It is always an exciting and joyous time for our family!    With a busy and hectic schedule, and the chaos of Christmas time still looming over our heads I have decided to make it my mission, to keep things simple!  One of the things I am planning for this Valentines Day is so simple and inexpensive but still makes the day extra special for the kids.  Along with a little scavenger hunt to share some reasons why their daddy and I love them and homemade heart shaped doughnuts, they will be waking up to a couple of surprises on the 14th of February.

 Although I seriously enjoy planning, and putting together exciting events for the kids, my hope is to this year spend less money and time on the festivities, and make it about time spent, and memories made!   A trip to the dollar store is a great way to get a few things to make Valentines Day fun for the kiddos.  Grab yourself a roll of crepe paper or streamers and some heart shaped balloons and your kids will feel the love first thing in the morning.We have done this for other occasions, but why not make it a Valenitn’s Day tradition too!  I grabbed two rolls of streamers, one pink and one red and “trapped the kids in their rooms”.  They got to wake up and burst out of their rooms in the morning.  This is a very fun way to spend a buck!  The smiles on their faces as they ran through the streamers was worth every penny.

This is a great idea that I saw posted all over Pinterest around Christmas time, but since we had so many other things going on around the holidays,  I thought I would tuck the idea away for another time.  This would be great for Birthdays, Christmas Morning, Valentines Day, Easter, Graduation, or any day that you want to start out in a super fun way.

The dollar store also carries a great assortment of holiday themed balloons!! You simply cannot beat the price and they are so fun for little ones.   I use them to line the hallway off of their bedrooms for a perfect festive surprise to start the day!You could even hand write a little message or something that you love about them and hang it from the bottom of each balloon.  I had the balloons lining the hallway  last Valentine’s Day which the kids loved.  Neither child could read yet so the balloons were perfect alone, but this year I will for sure be adding some sweet messages for them. I think the combination of these two little gestures will really start their day off in a fun way!