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Fun Valentines Day Breakfast – Homemade Heart Shaped Jelly Doughnuts

 I love finding new ways to make Valentines Day special for my kids.  Each meal on February 14th leaves me with an opportunity to make them something special that feeds their souls and shows them my love too.  On special occasions I usually don’t mind feeding their sweet tooth as well.  Here is a simple way to start your kid’s valentines day off on a sweet note!  Little bite sized and jelly filled sugar doughnuts are a special treat for the kids and simple to make using canned biscuits cut into heart shapes.  All you will need is strawberry jam, a roll of refrigerated biscuits, white sugar, and oil to make these for an extra special breakfast this Valentines Day.

last winter I was introduced to the simplest way to make fresh doughnuts at home in just minutes.

I showed you these Lazy Girl’s semi-homemade doughnuts last winter ……..

and here is a new spin on an “old” recipe that is just perfect for valentines Day!  We went with our idea to cut little hearts out of the center of our homemade doughnuts that we had last year, but took it to a new level.  We followed the same recipe but made a few adjustments.

This time instead of making large doughnuts using the actual biscuits, we cut each biscuit into a bunch of little bite sized hearts.  These were, after all, the kids favorite choice when we made them last time, so why not make them all that way.  We cut out  a bunch of hearts from the biscuit dough and tossed them into our heated oil to cook.

We then rolled the cooked doughnuts in plain white sugar (instead of cinnamon sugar) and let them cool.  We skipped the whole dipping them in melted butter step this time around and it worked well.  They went from the oil to a paper towel for a few seconds then straight into the bowl of sugar to coat.

While they cooled I filled a piping bag with homemade freezer jam (YUM) that we would be inserting into the center of each little heart doughnut.

I then inserted the small cake decorating tip into the bottom of each doughnut and squeezed a small amount of jam into the centers of the doughnuts and….

Walla!  Mini homemade heart shaped jelly doughnuts.   Fresh…hot…adorable…delicious…and FUN for a Valentines Day breakfast!These really take very little effort and are so fun for the kids!  Mine gobbled these up so fast that I barely got to enjoy sitting with my coffee watching them eat!

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  1. Hi ! I just absolutely love this idea; I am going to do these for my mother for Valentine’s Day! I’d be so lost on a gift without this website :). Haha, Keep up your magnificent talent!

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