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Pack A Surprise Birthday Lunch For School Aged Kids

 Last week was so exciting for us!  Both kids celebrated their birthdays, as well as valentines day!  Let’s just say I baked non stop treats last week and was busily running around trying to make lots of special memories with the kids.  This was the very first year that my son was at school all day long and I wanted to do a little something special for him as a birthday surprise.  I love doing things that don’t cost any money, but make my children feel special and loved.  Here is a simple way to make a packed school lunch extra special on their birthday!  That way, even though they are not at home, they will know that you are thinking about them as they eat their lunch at school on their birthday!

It is so easy that it is silly, but so fun for a little birthday boy or girl!  I think I will make this a tradition for my kids as they go through their school years and it couldn’t be easier to do.  I certainly cannot take credit for this thoughtful idea because it is another one of those genius Pinterest.  I adore this fantastic idea from Happy Home Fairy!  I just love the practicality and simple thoughtfulness of this and wanted to share it with you all so that you could do the same for your little sweeties on their special days.  It is the little things that make the biggest impact for them, and I feel like this is a little something special that a parent can do that they will simply never forget!

I have to apologize for the poor lightning in the pictures, but I was wrapping the little mans lunch in the laundry room so that he wouldn’t see it before he got to school that day!  So here is all you need to do! 

Prepare your child’s packed lunch as normal…

wrap each item in pretty birthday wrapping paper (mine was from the dollar section at Target – they have great stuff!)…  I choose to use the shiny metallic type paper to, hopefully deter my son from creating a grand mess at the lunch table at school!  I was hoping that they paper would come off each item in one piece, instead of him tearing tiny pieces and scattering them all over the lunch room. 

add a handwritten note or a little birthday card…

and stick it in their normal lunch box and send them off to school!

The little man found this super fun and a fantastic birthday surprise.  He said he wasn’t sure if I forgot to pack him food at first, and just game him little presents instead.  Cute… and I got a great big hug when I picked him up from school that day!  Totally worth secretly wrapping his lunch with wrapping paper when he wasn’t looking!