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Easy Angry Bird Birthday Cake – Dirt Cake Style

Your child’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to find creative ways to celebrate them, and the things that they love.  When my son requested an Angry Bird dirt cake for his birthday, I had to improvise and make something that was quick, easy, and super fun for his special day!  This spin on the classic dirt cake would be perfect for anyone  that loves Angry Birds!  This is an easy dessert to put together, and anything that is simple to make and thrills your kids is the perfect combination for a birthday celebration!  This light tasty filling layered into a trifle dish with Oreos and topped with colorful Angry Bird figures is as simple as it gets, but makes a big impact at a party, especially if the Birthday boy loves those naughty piggies and mad birds!

Soooo…as I mentioned in some previous posts – last week was a little crazy at our house.  I literally spent the week in the kitchen making Valentines Day and birthday treats non stop, that is, if I wasn’t at the grocery store.  I made two dozen valentines day cookies, a valentines day cheesecake dip, two dozen Nerd cupcakes, 2 dozen ice cream cone cupcakes, a princess castle cake, a numbered princess cake, and one Angry bird dirt cake.  Because the kids took birthday treats to school, and each celebrated a birthday in the same week I was a baking fool!  I really enjoyed all of  it and can’t wait to share each and every kitchen creation with you throughout the next few days.  Because I had so much to make in just a few days, I did simplify things a little this year!

I love making fancy fondant covered cakes, but this year, time just did not permit, and the ingredients can be lengthy and expensive, so this year I took the easy way out, and created things that were a little less time consuming to make, but that would still be tasty, and most importantly, special for the kid’s big days!

The first thing I want to share with you is a simple and amazing classic dessert that I am sure everyone has had the pleasure of eating at least once in their lives!  Dirt Cake!  I have fond memories of making this with my girlfriends back in high school, and sitting around a big bowl with spoons and chatting.  Who doesn’t love the simplicity of crushed Oreos piled on top of a delicious filling.

When my son decided that he wanted a dirt cake for his birthday cake I was thrilled, and even more excited to make it into an Angry Bird cake as he requested!  Like I said… time was of the esence, so I had to do something that was simple, but still fun for the little man’s big day!  So, I made a dirt cake from a good old fashinoed recipe that I have had in my book for as long as I can remember.  I made it the night before the big party and just pulled it out to surprise him that day.


To make the Angry Bird version like I did you will also need:

Plastic angry bird figurines

1 sleeve of graham crackers

Sour Patch kids if you like

I saved a small portion of the chopped Oreos and mixed the graham crackers with it to create a different colored dirt where the birds would be placed.  Kind of like their path of destruction.  It added a nice little touch to the top of the cake and was really simple.

 I also added sour patch kids into the cake as I was layering in the other ingredients.  I lined them around the dish instead of gummy worms just for fun!  My son got a kick out of it, and decided that they were kids trapped in the cake by the pigs and that the Angry birds were trying to save them!  How fun for him!

I then got busy stealing some of the little guy’s favorite angry bird toys while he was asleep.  If you kids who loves Angry Birds as much as mine, I would guess that you already have some of these in your house as well.  They come from an angry bird game (which I am now aware comes in many many different versions).  They were just the right size to top the cake.  They are light, plastic and easy to clean up after they removing from the cake!  If you don’t already have the game at home they can be found at any department store in the game isles.  It would make a great gift to give any angry bird lover on their birthday!  They are really fun games to play together with your kids, and much prefer it to the video game version too!

Once the dessert was made, I figured out how I would arrange the figures ontop of the cake.  I positioned them so I knew how I would have them for the party and was able to leave a few on and then stick in  the refridgerator.  Then later I only had to add the last remaining pieces before it was time to sing at the party!

I totally surprised my son with the cake, he had no idea that I would actually figure out a way to make an Angry Bird dirtcake, and it was the perfect  treat to celebrate his 6th birthday!  Big smiles and lots of hugs for this momma…and that’s what it’s all about!

This was a totally stress-free cake to create and thrilled my newly turned 6 year old to pieces!  He was as pleased with this as he has been with any fondant covered cake, or even a store bought cake all decorated, and to top it all off…it was exactly what he wanted…Angry Bird dirt cake!