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A Fun Way To Wrap A Present For Two

Have you ever had to give a joint gift to two little ones in your family?  If you have, then you know that wrapping it is key!  If they are different genders you have to find something that works for both, and keep both of their interests in mind.  Here is a super fun way to wrap a gift for two that makes it fun for both of them to open together!  By wrapping half the gift in one kind of paper and the other half in another, they both get the trill of opening their own gift.  Not only does it make it fun for them both to anticipate, but it makes sharing the job of opening it a little easier too.  They both are busy opening and reading their cards at the same time, and both have an “end” to open before revealing the surprise inside.

As I have mentioned, my kids both have birthdays in the same week.  They are exactly two years and two days apart.  Their birthdays fall so close together that throwing them each a separate birthday party seems very silly.  Because of that, we generally have a family party that celebrates both of their big days together.  That way family members only have to make one trip to help us celebrate.

I find that, now that the kids are a little older, we often get them gifts for birthdays and for Christmas that are for both of them to share like games, books, or movies .   I generally just wrap them in a neutral wrapping paper.  When my brother called and asked what the kids needed for their birthdays I brought up the fact that their craft box had been seriously depleted, and that they would love some new supplies to fill it back up!  He was happy to oblige and showed up with a big box wrapped in a very clever way!

Genius, in my opinion, and I only wish that I had thought of it sooner!  He wrapped half of the gift in a pretty pink princess paper, and the other half in a classic striped pattern with more masculine colors.  He then added a ribbon down the middle to disguise the spot where the different papers met!  So smart.  Then each side of the gift was adorned with it’s own card and bow so the gift was perfectly personalized for both his niece and his nephew!  The kids couldn’t wait to see what their shared present contained and actually got along opening it for a change.  Instead of the usual pushing and arguing over who did what, they each quietly opened their own card and unwrapped their side of the gift.

What a fun way to wrap any gift for more than one child!  We will definitely doing this next Christmas for those gifts that are from us to both kids and I think this could work for any combination!  For twins or siblings of any age you could find a way to make it fun for both.  Even if it for two boys or two girls, you could just choose two similar papers (gender wise), but maybe with their favorite characters.  There are a whole lot of different combinations that you could come up with to suit anyone that you may be giving a joint gift to!  I’m thinking this would be a great way to give gifts to our parents around the holidays too.  It just seems like a neat way to give a gift to more than one person so that each of them feels like it is wrapped especially for them!

Let me just say, that I was mighty impressed with the creativity that my big brother showed in wrapping this gift for the kids!  Very clever indeed and he had to know it would appear on the old blog.  I know that it was done with love for a little boy and girl that he loves lots!  I couldn’t wait to share his genius with you all!  I hope you give it a try when wrapping your next gift for two.