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Reindeer Wrap And An Easy Christmas Gift For Teachers

Simple dollar store mugs adorned with the kids sweet handwriting and pictures is the perfect gift for those teachers who love and nurture their curiosity throughout the year.  A simple, but useful gift that the kids can help personalize with the handwriting that those teachers helped form.  We wrapped our mugs in brown paper lunch sacks transformed into cute reindeer with a few simple supplies that thank their teachers for helping to make their futures bright.  These gifts are inexpensive and easy to make, but are full of heart because they are made by the kids for their teachers.

A few days ago I showed you a simple and inexpensive personalized mug  gift that your kids can make and give for the holidays.  Check out that post for the easy instructions for these.  The mugs in that post were for family members and included the kids signing their names and writing one of their favorite things to do with that person on them.  I thought they would make a great gift for the kids teachers as well, so we made up a few more.  For these, I let the kids draw a little picture on each mug as well as writing out the teachers name on top.  These are so cute and I hope that their teachers think they are as sweet as I do.

My son did the name writing and did a fine job indeed!  What better gift for a kindergarten teacher than a gift that includes your child’s handwriting which she has helped shape over the year?  Since my little girl is only three and her writing is still taking shape, I had her draw a picture of herself and her preschool teacher on the mug.  Her little drawings and hearts are very charming and the perfect way to show her teachers that she appreciates them!  I am sure to be making some of these for our house too, because hey are just so cute.

We packed the mugs for the teachers the same way as the ones for our family members.  There are packets of hot cocoa, peppermint sticks, and a note tucked inside for them to enjoy.  Great little mugs for enjoying their favorite hot cocoa, coffee, or tea at home or at school.

I then wrapped each gift with a little help from the kids and some fun packaging!  Paper lunch bags turned red-nosed reindeer are an inexpensive and super adorable way to package these mugs for the kids to give their teachers.  This simple wrapping technique was inspired by a photo on the Fiskars website.

A little glue, some googly eyes, and brown pipe cleaners turn plain brown bags into a cute reindeer wrapping.

We added a little phrase at the bottom that says :  Thanks for making my future bright!

And the kids have a super cute gift to give the teachers that spend so much time with them throughout the year.  For me it makes perfect sense for the kids to put a little effort into giving something to their teachers because I know how much effort those teachers put into my beautiful babies!  The kids can’t wait to give these and I hope that their teachers love the thought that the kids put into their mugs, and really use their gift too.

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  1. Very special creative design!

  2. Former teacher here. Mugs are so cute, but we have so many from students. We use them as pencil holders, planters, any other ideas how to use the adorable mugs we receive every year?

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