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Kids Balloon Ghost Craft

This is a super fun craft that turns into a cute piece of Halloween decor for your home.  The kids will have a spooktacular time making and hanging these little ghost friends.  White balloons, black ribbon, and a markers is all you will need.

These adorable ghost were so fun to create with the kids.  I’m not sure if they enjoyed putting the faces on or hanging them through out the house more.  We created the giggly, happy, scared, and silly ghosts in one speedy craft session at home.

You only need four simple things to create these friendly fellas:

  • Scissors
  • Black Curling Ribbon
  • Small White Balloons
  • Black Sharpie

First blow up all of your balloons in different sizes.  Next have your child draw faces onto the ghosts using a black permanent marker.  Make sure you have the balloons tie up when you draw your face.  You are going to hang them using the knot and don’t want the faces to be upside down.  Make sure you supervise so there isn’t permanent marker all over your child.  My four year old did just fine and I helped my two year old.  I either held her hand and guided the marker, or had her tell me what emotion she wanted her ghost to have and drew it for her.  She giggled with delight at the silly faces.

Now tie a piece of black curling ribbon to each of the ghosts that you have made.  I curled the short end a bit.  The kids thought it looked like little hair-dos for their ghosts.  The last step was probably the most fun for the kids.

I told them that they could each hang them wherever they wanted to!  A few got hung outside by the steps.  This would be such a cute decoration for a kids Halloween party!  The kids ran all over the house putting them in their own special places.

I took a bunch and hung them from the window valence in the living room.  The kids love how they wiggle around and were so excited to share their ghost craft with Dad when he got home (as if he couldn’t see the wiggly row of ghost in the living room).

This was a big hit.  The kids totally enjoyed the process and are still talking about them.  I think a few might even have names now.  I hope you give this a try – a great Halloween time craft that is quick and inexpensive.  Pretty darn cute Halloween decoration to boot!

If you are going to make these for a party – do it no more than 2 days prior.  The balloons start to loose air after a few days and turn into mini-ghosts.