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Lazy Girl’s Apple Pie

Every trip to the apple orchard ends with something delicious.    Here is a quick and easy recipe that my family loves, and I don’t mind making one bit.  I don’t fancy myself a pie maker – but this is a recipe that I can handle – The Lazy Girl’s Apple Pie!

It’s that wonderful time again.  Cool air, beautiful colors, and apple picking season!  I know a lot of families that have a fall tradition of going apple picking together.  We too have always enjoyed the tradition and we are now very lucky to have three beautiful apple trees at our house.

We have a great mixture of apples for eating and baking.  I can barely keep up with picking and using them. We have been blessed with beautiful weather and lots of days to take our time and enjoy the apple picking process together.  The kids love to see how many apples they can fit into their basket, and there is nothing better than watching them eat apples straight of the tree.

There are two animals that are even happier about these apple trees than us.  One thing is for sure that

3 apple trees + 2 apple picking kids = 2 VERY happy horse!

What to do with all of those apples that we are collecting?  Applesauce, apple butter, and a warm delicious baked treat that I lovingly call the Lazy Girl’s Apple pie.  My Lazy Girl’s Apple pie recipe is adapted just a bit from this awesome Apple Crisp recipe!  I wouldn’t really call it an apple crisp, or an apple, crumble.  Basically I think it tastes just like an apple pie but is quick and very easy to put together!  A simple and very satisfying dessert for those cool fall nights.  Everyone will come back for seconds, I promise.

I have tried this recipe a few ways.  It turns out great with all red apples or all granny smith apples.  I have also made it with Splenda substituted for sugar and it is still very good.  The hubby says its best with full sugar and a mixture of red and green apples, and I must say I have to agree.   I love the apples cored and cut into rings – it just makes it a little fancy and looks pretty on a plate!


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