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Healthy Lunch – Cucumber Sandwiches

It’s that time of year again, when fresh garden cucumbers are plentiful at our house.  I feel like I eat only cucumbers for 3 months straight in the summertime and I love finding new ways to enjoy the super healthy vegetable for meals.  These cucumber sandwiches make a great snack, healthy lunch or pretty summertime party hors d’ oeuvre.

Last year I fell head over heals for a cool cucumber dip and this year cucumber sandwiches are on my list of favorite summer meals.  This is a great way to use cucumbers as the basis for a healthy and delicious lunch.  I love them and so do the kids.  What a fun way to eat sandwiches without the bread!

Our local grocery store carries a delicious cheese called Buffalo Wing cheese – it is mild but has a great unique flavor – the kids and I adore it and can’t get enough of it!  I think they add the perfect flavor to these light little cucumber sandwiches – but use whatever you like best!


I have even been enjoying these on the go by adding all of the ingredients to a Tupperware container and keeping it on ice until it is time to eat.  It is like making an adult “lunchable” while on the move.  It is healthy, filling, and very tasty.  If I make it at home I usually make them all at one and use toothpicks to keep them together.

Be sure if your kids are eating them that they are careful not to get hurt with the toothpick.  They are a bit difficult and slippery for the kids to eat without a pick to hold them together.  For the kiddos I use plastic picks (from the dollar store)  that have thicker rounded ends and shapes (like hearts or stars) on top if I am serving them to the kids.  That way they can enjoy them without hurting themselves or dropping them.