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Easy And Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars And A Back To School Treat

If you are like me, you have tried dozens of different chocolate chip cookie recipes searching for the perfect, soft, and tasty cookie.  Look no further!  This is a no fail lazy way of creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie bars by dumping together just 4 simple ingredients!  Add some icing and sprinkles and make it to celebrate you child’s first day back to school.

It’s back to school time!  Here is a simple recipe that you need to add to your recipe box if you are still on the hunt for the perfectly soft chocolate chip cookie recipe and a fun way to celebrate back to school time with your kids!

My little man starts kindergarten this year, and I can hardly believe it is happening.  He is ubber excited and I, on the other hand, am struggling with letting go and sharing him with the world.  I’m sure his first day at school will be great for him, but I am going to need a treat to lift my spirits!  One of my favorite cookie recipes is so simple it’s almost fool proof, and is what I will be making for my son when he arrives home to celebrate his first day of kindergarten!

You will need just four simple ingredients to make this fun notebook style giant cookie.

Grab yourself:

  1. A boxed yellow cake mix
  2. 1 package of mini chocolate chips
  3. Eggs
  4. Butter

If you want to make this cute notebook cookie you will also need:

  1. 1 pre-made package of frosting
  2. red and blue, and black  food coloring
  3. Sprinkles
  4. An icing bag and tip (you can use a Ziploc plastic bag with the tip cut off if you don’t have decorating tools)

After the giant cookie is completely cooled start by making blue lines across the cookie horizontally.  Add a stripe of red going down the side of the cookie vertically, and then write a little back to school message in black on the lines that you created.  I also used white to create a pretty little borer adorned with primary colored sprinkles.  Store your cookie in the fridge until your little lovlies arrive home from school and you have the perfect after school surprise to welcome them home!

I found a great recipe on Pinterest for these Lazy Cake Cookies via I’m A Lazy Mom that I could not wait to try.  My first attempt at them was a smashing hit, and I love how easy this recipe is.  Just dump bake (decorate if you wish) and serve!

My whole family loves them and I don’t mind making them a bit.  The first time I made these I had a pre packaged batch of icing in the fridge that I needed to use up, so I decorated them with a smiley face, sprinkles and cookie crisp cereal just for fun.  The kids got a total kick out of it, and I they tasted just like the giant cookies with icing that you buy at the mall!  I had always wanted to attempt making a giant cookie, but never had a recipe that I thought would work.  Well here it is!  This recipe worked perfectly on a dollar store pizza pan to create a soft and delicious giant cookie that I could decorate in a fun way for the kids.

What a great dessert to make and take to family, friends, cookouts, or gatherings or to say congratulation, thank you, or get better – just bake on the dollar store pan and leave it.  This is a great treat for any occasion and I am sure that I will be making these A LOT over the next few years – good thing they are so easy!  I already have the recipe memorized.