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Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes – Black Angry Bird

The little guy finally decided on a costume for this year.  He chose to be the black Angry Bird which, apparently, is the one that explodes.  I got to work armed with my sewing machine,  heat n’ bond and 2 yards of black felt.  Here is what I came up with.

I have heard that angry bird costumes are going to be popular this year.  I have seen quite a few angry bird costumes online, but nothing that fit just right.  It needed to be warm and cozy, but not too restricting.  My son has to wear it to school, trick or treating and to other Halloween parties,  so I wanted a costume that would be easy for him to move around in.  Let me tell you, this works perfectly.  He has been a crazy flying, crashing,  (not so) Angry Bird, running all over since he put his costume on.

He really loves the costume, and as soon as he puts it on he is beaming from ear to ear.  I will give you a brief overview of the costume but go here for my detailed post on how to  make an Angry Bird costume yourself.

I purchased 2 yards of black felt, a black fleece winter hat, and a black Cranimals sweatsuit from Walmart.  I think the shirt and pants where less than $4.oo each.  That was the most expensive part of the costume, but he can wear it over and over after Halloween.  I also had small amounts of yellow, white, and red fabric at home.  I did  not have any gray, but ended up cutting up an old shirt to use for this project.  I used 1 bag of stuffing material and some batting to stuff the suit.  In my stash at home I had Velcro, heat n’ bond fabric applique material, and black thread.

I added the little “bomb fuse” that the black Angry Bird has by sewing and stuffing a small piece of black and yellow tipped fabric into the hat.  I opened the seam in the top of the hat, inserted my fabric fuse, and then sewed it back up.  The hat is a tad bit too big, so I had to fold it over a little.  This was the perfect way to add the touch that I wanted to the costume.  I love that it looks adorable, but will keep him nice and warm too.

I made the bird body so that the straps Velcro on and off and it Velcros at the side as well.  This makes the costume really simple to take on and off, and allows for him to grow a bit and still be able to wear it.  My hope is that he can use it for a while for dress up after Halloween.  I also cut the sides out a bit so that he is able to move around freely without having his legs restricted.

I basically used my usual applique technique to put the face on and then sewed around it all with black thread using my sewing machine.   I  wanted the costume to be nice and round like the shape of the Angry Birds, so I sewed batting in between the two layers of felt and stuffed it with some filling till it was nice and full.

My four year old is now the happiest Angry Bird alive and can’t wait to go trick or treating in his new costume.  I am thrilled with how well this turned out, and can’t wait to share the how to with you!

13 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes – Black Angry Bird

  1. This is awesome!! Both of my boys love angry birds and I love that it is a no sew option! Pinned it.
    Jenn 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! What is it about boys and those Angry Birds? 🙂 I did actually do quite a bit of sewing on this, but I bet you could manage it without!

      1. I can manage a little sewing. Did the body go together though with the heat n bond?

        1. I did sew the body together, and I’m not the best at sewing, and it turned out just fine. I used the Heat N’ Bond to put the face onto the felt. I will get working on my “how-to” post and hopefully that will help explain things a little better!

  2. Hi Kim:

    Is there anyway you can share the picture of the angry bird you used and what print size? Also, about what size is your little boy? My little guy is a size 8

    1. My son is 4 and wears about a 5T. I apologize I don’t really know a size to tell you to print at – but I would guess that if you crop the eye from a picture at about an 8X10 or a little smaller that should be pretty close! I literally just printed it out in a couple different sizes and laid it onto the bird to see what looked best. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for linking up with my Follow me Fridays! What a cute costume that you executed perfectly!

    1. Thank you so much! Happy to be Linking up with you!

  4. Wow, that looks awesome! You did a fantastic job! I’d love for you to link it here:

  5. I loved your costume so much I used your directions to make one of mine came out great and it was my first time ever making a costume and using a sewing machine. I wish I could put a pic up of it..mine’s pretty similar but I added a tail to it..I made mine round on the bottom although I wish I made it square like yours..but thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. I saw the picture you posted on facebook and am SO impressed, especially for you first sewing project! You will have all the courage in the worked to try any project now, I bet! Well done! SO glad my directions worked for you Hope your Angry bird enjoys his Halloween in his super cool costume!

  6. I have been looking for a black angry bird costume for my son to wear this Halloween…this one looks perfect because it is not obnoxiously bulky like all the ones I have seen. Unfortunetly I am unable to use sewing machines…I have major nerve damage in one of my arms not allowing me to do stuff like this. Do you make them and sell them?

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