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Rice Krispie Ghost and Pumpkin Treats

Once a week the kids and I make some sort of treat in the kitchen.  These pumpkin and ghost rice krispie treats on a stick are a fun and tasty project for the kids around Halloween time!  The sticks make these extra easy for the kids to hold, and I promise they won’t last long.

These are as fun to eat as they are to make.  We have been making these Rice Krispies Dipper Treats that I spotted in a magazine.  The kids love them, and so do I.  They make great thank you treats or a fun surprise to take over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.    Use the above recipe with about 1 1/2 bags of white chocolate morals.  Follow the recipe above, but when the rice krispie treats are still a bit warm use greased hands to form them into circles and ghost shapes (a rectangle with a rounded on top).  I insert the sticks and then let them cool completely.

When your krispie treats are all cooled, melt 1/2 of your white chocolate morsels in the microwave with a bit of oil.  This is what you will dip the ghost shape treats into.

Use the other half of your white chocolate morsels and melt with a bit of oil again.  Add a couple drops of yellow and red food coloring to make your dipping chocolate orange.  This is what you will dip the round krispie treats into to make little pumpkins.  This step was fun for the kids but they needed a little help to get the treats covered completely.

Next came the really fun part for the kids.  We used chocolate cheerios, Halloween sprinkles, and green and black cake decorating gel to turn our treats into friendly ghosts and adorable pumpkins.  The cheerios made great little eyes and mouths for the ghosts and the black decorating gel was perfect for jack o lantern  faces.

After these are all decorated I have found it is best to let them set in the refrigerator for a while.  Then, before you serve them, let them sit out on the counter for about ten minutes.  They soften up really nicely, and are easier for the kids to eat.  These are so fun to wrap individually in saran wrap with a little bow on the bottom and give to friends (that is if you don’t eat them all yourself).  I wrap them individually in the fridge and they make the perfect after dinner treat!