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Easy And Fun Halloween Sprinkle Pancakes

We love holidays in our house.  Any excuse to do things out of the ordinary at home with the kids is right up my alley.  We created these fun pancakes to help celebrate Halloween by simply adding some fun and spooky sprinkles to our normal pancake breakfast.

The kids thought that these were so fun and they really didn’t take any extra time to make than regular pancakes.  All you will need is your regular pancake mix, some festive Halloween sprinkles, a skillet, and some cooking spray.

I always make my pancake batter and then pour it into a little condiment dispenser (you can use a cleaned out ketchup bottle too if you don’t have one). This makes it super easy to make little circles or shapes out of your pancakes. I also use what I need and just put the condiment container with leftover batter into the fridge for another day.

I picked up these fun sprinkles at Target for Halloween treats!

Here is what you do.  Make your pancake batter and pour it into your squeeze bottle.  When your batter is ready warm your skillet and spray with cooking spray.  Put two rows of spooky sprinkles onto the skillet and then immediately add large drops of pancake batter in rows over the sprinkles.

Cover as many sprinkles as you can, but don’t worry if there are sprinkles left over.  When you flip the pancakes just set them on top of the leftover sprinkles on the skillet.  Cook both sides, and you are done!

A super fun breakfast for the kids with just one extra step!  These were gone in about two minutes, and I have a feeling we will be making these a lot!  Happy spooky pancake day!  Hope you give this a try.