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DIY Sugar Sprinkles And An Easy Lemon Cake

One of my very favorite summer time dessert is this super simple lemon cake.  Topped with a little cool whip it is the perfect light summery dessert to enjoy with my family!  A lemon cake mix, a can of 7UP, and a container of cool whip make for a fantastic dessert to make and share.  Three ingredients are all you will need to whip up this pretty little dessert that everyone in your family will love, and here’s the best part…it’s a Weight Watchers recipe so it is guilt free treat… unless, of course, you eat the entire cake.  I’m also including a fun little trick to help you fancy up any dessert using DIY Sugar sprinkles in case your pantry isn’t stocked with sprinkles!  The combination of these two ideas is the prefect pairing –  lemon cake and sugar sprinkles!


This is one of my favorite treats and my whole family loves it too.  My 6 year old son and I often have fight over the last piece, and well… he always wins.  It’s about as easy to whip together as anything and it’s light fluffy texture is the perfect sweet reward.

I found this easy peasy recipe on the Weight Watchers site and have made it over and over again, so I just had to share it!  If you are a weight watchers follower I believe this cake cut into 12 servings is 4 points plus points per piece and on the old system it was 2 points.  I am no expert, so feel free to double check the points values before you dig in.


Just finished topping you beautiful cake and realize it needs a little something extra?  A little fancying up, a little added sparkle, but you have nothing to decorate it with in with in your pantry?  No worries… all you need is a little sugar, and some food coloring, and you can make your own DIY colored sugar sprinkles in any color you want!


Put a small amount of sugar into a glass bowl.  Add a couple of drops of food coloring (not too much – you don’t want the sugar to get “wet”).  Just add a little color at a time.  Start small and add small amounts until you get the desired color.


 Immediately start stirring the food coloring into the sugar with a plastic fork.


You will end up with some really pretty DIY sugar sprinkles that you can use on whatever you like!  Use any color or any combination of colors to get decorative sprinkles for any occasion you might need!


 Here are the sugar sprinkles added to my favorite lemon cake!  Pretty, simple, and tasty!


Add leftover sugar sprinkles to a resealable air tight baggie and save for another time!