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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Here is a super fun summertime project to do with the kids that they will request over and over.  You need only a few simple ingredients, and you already have everything you need in your cupboards to make this DIY sidewalk chalk paint at home!  Did you know by mixing water, cornstarch, and food coloring you create a super inexpensive chalk paint that is fun for all ages?   This was a summer fun activity that my kids loved!  It kept them busy for hours, and we had a great time painting and creating together.  The perfect way to spend a day together.  Pretty fun!  What a cool way to make an activity out of things that you already have at home!  This is definitely a fun and inexpensive summer time project that I highly recommend!


Would you believe you can make this beautiful sidewalk chalk paint using just 2 ingredients from your pantry and some water?


It is as simple as mixing together a little water, cornstarch, and food coloring.  You mix up a big batch, put the flour mixture into separate containers and then add in different colors of food coloring.


I highly recommend neon gel food coloring. The colors is so bright, fun, and I love how the texture mixed with the chalk paint mixture to make a nice thick paint.


You are left with vibrant looking sidewalk chalk paint that will thrill your little ones to pieces!  After drying their art work will stick around for days too!


You will need some water and paintbrushes and some small containers for storing the chalk paint.  You could just as easily use a muffin tin too, if you don’t want to use disposable containers.  Then the kids can get busy painting their masterpieces and enjoying the summer sun.


Get busy spending some time with the kids and prompting things like writing their names, color recognition, shapes, numbers, letters, and more.  Every time we play together I look for ways to help them learn in a fun and creative way.


The possibilities are endless and they will enjoy the thrill of using their imagination to create beautiful art all over your sidewalk or driveway!  Here is what you get when your kids request that you paint Sponge Bob Square Pants and Patrick star in sidewalk chalk paint! Silly, colorful, fun with the kids.


I think the coolest thing about this paint is how it dries.  The picture above is immediately after it was painted, and after a few minutes it begins to dry, and it really looks like chalk was used!


I do not recommend storing the paint for more than a day in the containers.  Remember you are adding flour and water together, and after some time it will get yucky and separate in the containers.  We sealed our paint in the containers throughout the day, and went back to it a few times, but after a day they were all gone anyway.  Be sure to wash your brushes immediately after use to keep them from getting wrecked too!  As I mentioned above, this paint sticks around outside for kind of a long time.  Make sure you have the kids do it in a discrete place if you don’t want kid art all over the driveway, but at our house it is a welcomed sight.  Happy painting!