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Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft For Kids

I love the idea of letting the kids help create things that will decorate our home for the Holidays.  This Thanksgiving the kids and I have been geared up and created three great turkey crafts to help deck out our house for turkey day.  Most of our Thanksgiving activities are centered around conversations about being thankful and counting our blessings.  This particular project is more for the fun of adding some cute turkeys to our fall decor in our house.  This simple kids craft is fun to make, keeps the kids busy, and allows them to help decorate for Thanksgiving!

We are constantly trying to find new ways to keep busy at home, and the holidays lend a great reason to get crafty and create.  These were very similar to the Frankenstein craft that we did this Halloween, and because it uses things that we already have in the house it is a great activity to do again and again.  The idea to use spoons as the turkey’s heads came from the brilliant teachers at my daughter’s preschool!  It is a great way to give the turkeys a 3-D effect and a ton of silly character too.

Using toilet paper rolls and plastic spoons we were able to come up with some pretty cute little turkeys to hang on our thankful tree from last year.  Along with our turkeys we will also be adding leaves like last year that have things written on them that we are thankful for.  For now the branches are adorned with googly eyed turkeys with colorful tail feathers that were the perfect craft for the ids.  We added some string to hang them, but these little guys stand up perfectly all on their own so the kids can put them anywhere in the house.

You will need:

Toilet paper rolls

Brown paint and a brush

Colorful Construction paper

Plastic spoons

Googly eyes



Optional:  Craft feathers

Optional:  Hot glue and string for hanging

How To:

Have the kids paint their plastic spoons and toilet paper rolls (if they want – they are already the right color but my kids love to paint so they covered theirs)

While the paint is drying draw tail feathers onto construction paper and let the kids cut them out

Cut out beaks and feet too

Once the glue is dry cut a slit in the toilet paper roll for your child (do not let them attempt it please)

Now stick the painted spoon in the slit (I removed a small part of the handle before inserting so it did not stick out)

Add a dab of hot glue to secure it

Now let the kids add eyes, feet, beaks, and tail feathers to their turkey bodies

I glued a piece of string to the insides of the toilet paper roll to hang them but no need to if they will be set on a hard surface

For another great turkey craft check out my recent post on a Fun Idea For The Kid’s Thanksgiving Table.