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Three Unique Ideas For Non Candy Valentines For Kids

Valentines Day is just around the corner.  The kids and I have been busy making valentines for friends and family.  This year my son and I came up with a few non food related valentines to send to school to celebrate Valentines Day with his friends.  These valentines are simple and inexpensive to make and are just as sweet as candy without the extra sugar.

This year I opted to come up with some valentines for my son’s class that didn’t include food or candy.  Not that I’m opposed to treats for valentines day, I just thought these would be a gift that keeps giving and fun for the kids in his preschool class.  We went to a party supply store and I let my son choose what he wanted to give to the boys and girls in his class w (within reason of course).  We had a great time meandering up and down the isles in search of the perfect valentine.  After my son changed his mind 15 times I thought we might never leave the part store.   He finally decided on some toy cameras and temporary tattoos for the girls, and race cars for the boys.  Later I came up with some little gift tags that I made using Microsft Word.

One of the toys he choose for the girls was a little camera.  These little purple cameras were super cute.  When you push the little button and look through, you see some cute little cartoon animals with valentines day messages.  These were only about 20 cents a piece and were the perfect little something to give for Valentines day .  I just added the camera to a clear treat bad and added a heart cut from card stock with a little saying that I thought would be silly and fun “Oh Snap”.  Next I sealed the toy in by stapling two pieces of card stock ( one in front and one in back) of the bag.  I created a gift tag in Word using  clip art and a fun font then printed it onto card stock paper.  I then cut out my gift tag and glued it onto the front to cover the staples.

For the boys my son choose some little race cars.  A bag of 12 cars was less than $4.00.  Lucky me he has only 12 other boys in his class – so one bag did the trick.  I can totally see all the boys in his class zooming their new cars around the room.   For this one I added a little piece of double sided tape to the bottom of the car and attached it to a heart in the bag.  This keeps the car from rolling all over the bag and adds a cute backdrop.  I did the same as the camera valentine to create and attach a gift tag.  I have seen a few cute ideas for car valentines like: “I wheelie Like you”, and “You drive me wild”, but we went with “Hood you be my Valentine”  because my son thought it was funny.

The last valentine that we made was also for the  girls in his class.  Because they didn’t have as many cameras as I needed I had to get  a couple girls something different.  My daughter choose some really cute Rapunzel temporary tattoos (per her Tangled obsession).  My kids absolutely love temporary tattoos so I hope his friends have fun with these.  The tattoos were about $2.00 and included 2 sheets, but could be separated into 4.  I just slid the sheet of tattoos into a clear bag and added a tag again.  This tag is my favorite of all of them and says “Valentine you are tat-too cool”.  This valentine is super fast and simple to make.

We had a great time making these together and my son is very proud to have chosen something special for the kids in his class.  Now all my son needs to do is sign and deliver these little valentines to his friends.

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  1. Thank you so much for this idea! I was looking for something “healthy” for the kids, and this is perfect!

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