Entertaining The Kids On A Road Trip

Summer is just around the corner and a family road trip is a great way to spend time together and make some memories!  Road trips with small kids can be exciting, stress free, and fun no matter where you are headed if you plan ahead.  Make the car trip part of the fun and adventure!  Last year we took a 16 hour car ride to visit close friends and their new baby and I was seriously nervous about having my 3 and 5 year old kids in the car for two separate 16 hour rides!  This was our first family road trip and first vacation, really, so I wanted to make it extra fun.  Here is a whole slew of ideas on how I turned the car ride itself into a vacation they would remember!

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Travel Fun For Kids – Magnetic Calkboard Play Tray

A can of chalkboard spray paint turns a dollar store baking sheet into an incredibly versatile travel toy for kids.  My kids love their play trays in the car or at home.  They can write with chalk, use it as a play tray, color pictures on it, play magnetic games, and drive their cars on it.  Hours of stimulating entertainment from one Dollar Store pan.

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