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Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins

This is the most fantastic time of the year, in my humble opinion.  Anything that allows us to be outside enjoying the fresh, crisp fall air is something that I don’t want to miss. With some serious life changes happening in our family this year, projects are getting fewer and far between, but they are also getting more precious, simple, and joy filled too. Here is a fun little after school fall activity that anyone can fit into their busy schedule. Cute little candy corn painted pumpkins – just right to decorate for fall in a sweet and… not so spooky way!

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A Spotted Pony – Meet Toby

WR Double Tuff Toby:  Toby is an American Paint horse who stands 15.3 hands tall. He is a full-sized horse with a full sized personality to match both his height and his boldly colored coat. Toby and I have been together for well over 20 years and have had endless adventures together.  Toby has done it all parades, horse shows, rodeo pageants, trail rides, therapy visits, riding lessons for kids, first rides, birthday visits, photo shoots, and now he is the star of his first Children’s book. Toby has been my best friend for over 20 years and I cannot wait for him to become your kids best friend too!  Toby is silly, sweet, kindhearted, and hard not to instantly fall in love with. Peppermints are his life and he will do anything for attention or peppermint treats.  He is the first horse to run to me from the pasture, knicker when you walk in the barn, and nudge you with his nose to make sure you are paying attention to him.  In fact, I’m not sure that he knows he is actually a horse. There aren’t quite words to express how special this spotted horse has been in my life, but I’m so thankful to have raised my kids with him in our pasture…there is no better soul to teach kids to love horses than Toby.  A Spotted Pony Parade Day was born as a story I used to tell my children as a bedtime story, and I am so happy to be sharing it with children around the world!  I hope they love Toby as much as we do in real life!

Can a single spotted horse change your life?  The answer in an unequivocal, absolutely YES in my book!  Read on and find out everything that Toby “The Spotted Pony” and I have been through together!

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Make Gift Wrapping Paper – Fun For Kids

As a stay at home Mom I have learned to turn simple tasks into fun activities for the kids.  Turn wrapping a present into the most fun that your kids have ever had with paint using newspaper and finger paints.  Not only will the kids love every second of it, but the gift will be wrapped in one of a kind paper decorated with tiny hand prints and love from your kiddos.

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