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A Spotted Pony Parade Day

We have been working on something BIG!

A Spotted Pony Parade Day, a silly adventure about a horse named Toby who loves to try new treats and snatch up snacks. Toby is a friendly and flashy spotted horse who cannot wait to take a trip with his friends to town for the annual parade. As he parades through town, he stops to meet all the new friends that he can. The only problem is each new friend seems to have a sweet treat that Toby just cannot resist. Even though his friends warn him not to eat too many sweets, he finds himself snatching up cookies, cotton candy, popcorn, soda, slushies, candy, and even nachos. By the end of the parade Toby learns a valuable lesson about not overdoing it. You will fall in love with this silly and sweet story about a horse that just cannot resist another treat!


About the Author: Kim Bond is a lifelong equestrian who has dreamed of brining her real-life funny farm to life for children around the world. She is now the proud author of her first published children’s book A Spotted Pony Parade Day. Her adventures with horses have inspired her first story and the characters are so close to her heart because she lives with them and cares for them every day. She hopes you will fall in love with the characters and their special personalities as quickly as she did with them in real-life. Using charming and fun-loving equine characters she hopes that her herd can help teach important life lessons in a fun and inspiring way.

Author Kim Bond and her “Spotted Pony” Toby who inspired her first children’s book