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Summer Days Reading in the Hammock

One of our very favorite things to do this summer has been to gather our favorite books and head to the hammock!  Now that the mosquitoes aren’t so bad we are spending an hour or so, each day, reading together just swinging in the hammock!

It is the perfect chance to get some snuggle time with  my, always on the go, kiddos!  The hammock is an authentic Brazilian hammock that my husband and I brought back from a trip to Brazil we took a long time ago.  It is so special to us and makes me feel like I am back in the Brazilian air taking a siesta, but now I get to enjoy it at home with my little lovelies!

If you don’t already have a hammock go to for her tutorial on how to make one out of a sheet and some rope!

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  1. What a sweet picture 🙂

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