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Kids Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt With Reasons Why You Love Them On Each Clue

A Valentines day scavenger hunt is a great way to surprise your kids and show them how much you love them!  The simple task of putting together a scavenger hunt is made extra special for your kids when you add one reason why you love them so much on each and every clue.  My kids have such a blast doing this and it doesn’t take much to make their Valentine’s day super special and exciting.

A Valentines day inspired scavenger hunt is something I have been doing with my kids since I started staying home with them.  We spend the day having heart shaped pancakes and grilled cheese and delivering homemade valentines treats to family and friends.  When I think of what is most exciting for the kids, and something a little out of the ordinary to do for them on a special occasion I often decide on a scavenger hunt.  The thrill and anticipation of the hunt always has them jumping for joy.  A scavenger hunt can be a simple, fun, and an inexpensive way to get the kids excited on Valentines Day.

My scavenger hunt usually involves a little surprise at the end which includes a book and a couple of treats.  I limit myself to $5.00 per child for their goody boxes.   The dollar store has a great selection of treats and little Valentines toys or balloons.  I always stop by Goodwill and find some Valentines themed books that usually run me less than a dollar.  I reuse the same boxes time after time to package their goodies in to save on the cost of packaging.

When the kids wake up in the morning on Valentines Day they find a little mailbox at their spot around the dining room table that contains a message for them.  I found these little mailboxes at Target’s dollar section a couple years back that work perfectly to start the scavenger hunt.  The mailbox contains a few little treats and a heart shaped hand written card with a message from my husband and I to the kids.  The back of the heart has the kid’s first clue on it.  Once they have read their first clue and are off and running they find these little message hearts hidden throughout the house.  You can find the hearts at the dollar store and they are perfect to reuse each year.

Each heart contains a clue.  This year I decided that together my husband and I would come up with 15 reasons why we love each child so much and include those in the hunt.  Each clue also shares one of the reasons that we love them.  For example: Because your smile makes our day, or Because you are a great Big Brother there is another clue for you.  I am so excited for them to go and their scavenger hunt and especially for them to hear the reasons that we love them.  I hope that they have a great time hunting and most of all know that they are loved each and every day just the way they are.

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