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Kid’s Halloween Bat Craft

Halloween is just around the corner, and during the month of October I love to do Halloween crafts to keep the kids busy.  Here is a simple craft that requires just a few supplies!  Save those egg cartons from the trash and transform them into some adorable Halloween Bats.  The kids will have a blast making them and be so proud to help decorate your home for Halloween with their hand crafted bat friends!

I am always looking for fun holiday crafts that the kids and I can do together.  I love projects that don’t require a ton of supplies and that are quick enough to keep the kid’s interest and keep them busy for a little while.  We have some branches in a vase in our living room that needed a little touch of Halloween fun and these cute little bats were the perfect addition to our Halloween decor.

This idea came from Happy Clippings and she originally found it on Enchanted Learning.   This simple craft is fun for the kids and a cute way to let them help decorate for Halloween.  With just a few supplies an old egg carton is transformed to these adorable Halloween bats that you can hang all over the house.

All you will need is:

Egg Carton (1 carton makes 4 bats)


Black Tempera (best for little ones) or acrylic craft paint

Paint Brush

Googly eyes

Ribbon or string

White paper plates (or paper) for teeth


I basically just cut straight down the center of the egg carton and then use three egg compartments for each bat shape.  Each child had a paper plate with black paint on it and a paint brush.  I let them go to town painting their egg carton shaped bats.  My son enjoyed covering the entire carton section in paint but my little girl had a little trouble covering it completely.  To be honest, I thought hers were really cute that way and that’s how she liked them too.    We let the bats dry completely and then got to work turning them into adorable bats.

We decided to make 2 boy bats and two girl bats.  I made some little bows for the girl bats using orange ribbon that I had left over from my DIY Chore Chart project.  I used hot glue to attach the bows and some googly eyes to the girls.  My son cut some little triangles from a paper plate to make teeth for his bats.  Those got glued on to make his bats look a little more scary.  My daughter preferred hers without and said they were nice bats so they didn’t need teeth.  I then used a scissors to poke a hole in the top of the bat.  I put a small looped piece of ribbon through the hole and then tied a not in the bottom.  I secured it with glue and the bats were all done.   I have found that the kids are usually so excited to play with their projects right away so I forgo the Elmers glue (which would work just fine but takes some drying time) and use hot glue so that it dries quickly.  That way their project is complete sooner and they are free to play with them right away.  I, of course, always do the gluing when I use a hot glue gun.  They just tell me where to place things and I do it for them.

The kids hung their bats on the branches in the living room and they make the perfect DIY home Halloween decoration for our whole family to enjoy this month.  The kids are proud that they made the decorations themselves and they are just too cute hanging on the “bat tree”.  The best part is that I didn’t have to buy a thing to do this craft with the kids.  We already had everything we needed in their craft box and the egg cartons were saved from the trash.  A fun and inexpensive holiday craft that does double duty as Halloween Home Decor!

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  1. Can’t wait to try these out with my grandkids for Halloween. Look like great fun.:)

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