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Kid’s Easter Craft – Birds Of A Feather Candy Holder

Here is a fun little craft to get your kid’s excited for Easter!  Little plastic Easter eggs make the perfect base to create a bird that is fun, cute, and that can even store a little surprise!  My kids spent two hours decorating their own little birds and another hour playing with them!  They can be used as decorations, toys, candy holders, or even table decorations for the kid’s Easter table.  They are as fun to play with as they are to make, and are the perfect project to do at home with the kid’s while they are on spring break from school!  Gather some plastic eggs and get busy making them into the cutest little birds of a feather that will always stick together.

Upon the realization that Easter is just over a week away I figured that I should probably do a little something fun with the kids to get them in the spirit.  Maybe it is the cold weather, or our busy schedules, but this Easter totally snuck up on me and I was totally not prepared for an Easter related project with them.  I decided that when my son got home from a half day at school last week, since he was on spring break, that we better have  fun project to do together to celebrate!    I had certainly not planned ahead so…so here is what I came up with using some things that we already had in the house!  They turned out better than any premeditated project I could have imagined, and the kids had more fun with these than I can even say!  You will notice the gross misuse of explanation points in this post… that is how much fun the kids had with it.

First I gathered a few plastic Easter eggs from the bin of Easter decorations.  We have a plethora of these eggs, accumulated from over the years, so I figured that we could certainly spare a few.  I spotted a pack of “face”  stickers from a craft box that the kids had gotten for their birthdays, and thought it would be fun for them to turn the little eggs into faces or birds.  So we gathered some supplies and got busy.  Before we began the project I knew that the kids would have a hard time figuring out how to decorate their eggs without being able to stand them up or keep them from rolling off the table so  I used the orange and yellow bases from a few eggs to create feet colored stands for the  eggs.  I just hot glued an egg to the bottom half of another egg.

I kept my hot glue gun plugged in out of reach of the kids in case they wanted me to add something to their eggs that regular glue or stickers wouldn’t hold.  I gave each child a pile of supplies from their craft box , and they got crazy creative making their little birds and bunnies as they called them.

Each child had

4 plastic eggs glued on top of a base

face stickers (eyes, noses, mouths, and more)

googly eyes

feathers (which can be glued on or stuck in little holes in the bottom of the plastic eggs)

Other stickers (princess, letters, shapes)

heart foam stickers for beaks

and jelly beans

What are the jelly beans for you ask?

Well,  isn’t that just darling!  You can fill the little birds with Easter treats and place them on the kid’s table at Easter dinner!  A fun way to not only decorate, but have a little favor for the kids to play with and take home.

My kids were filling them with jelly beans and then hiding them throughout the house to play “Easter Bunny”.  They really loved that they could be filled with treats.  Once they eat their quota of jelly beans I noticed them filling the eggs with bead necklaces, little toys and trinkets.  The fun lasted an entire afternoon and evening for them!

I loved how cute and creative the kid’s eggs turned out and they certainly make you smile!  The face stickers came in a little book from Michael’s, I believe, and were so easy for the kid’s to use.  No gluing or waiting for the glue to dry.  The stickers allowed them to create whatever type of egg they wanted and then instantly be able to play with it!

I just can’t get enough of these adorable little guys!  They are scattered all over our house, and are the perfect addition to the little Easter decor that we have!  It was the perfect craft to do with the kid’s to kick of their week of spring break, and I am happy to have 12 new little faces I the house for Easter.  This project was proof that getting creative and crafting with your kids doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated, or messy!  Just see what you can find and get busy!

You might end up with something…rather adorable!