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Kids Craft – July Fourth Windsock

We are in full blown summer mode as of this week, so be prepared to be bombarded on A Spotted Pony with kid crafts, projects, and activities!  When the kids are home for the summer they are my number one priority, so other projects get put on hold while we make memories during the summer!  I figure, why not share it all with you in case you need some inspiration with summer time activities.  Here is a super simple craft project that you can do with the kids to create a fantastic patriotic windsock to help decorate outside for the fourth f July holiday!  It is super inexpensive to make, helps kids work on patterns, colors, and cutting, and is super cute swaying in the wind outdoors to boot.  Grab some plastic disposable table cloths in red white and blue and get ready to do a craft with the kids to celebrate independence.


I spotted this simple kids craft idea on Pinterest via Multiples and More and couldn’t wait to add it to our summer fun list this year!  I already had everything that we needed to make it on hand thanks to our recent Comfort For Kids Campaign party, so this project literally cost us nothing, but left us with some super cute summertime decorations when we were all done!  First gather your supplies!

You will need:

  • 3 table clothes: one red, one white, and one blue (the dollar store or any department store with a party section carries them for $1 or less)  You could probably get 3 to 4 windsocks of of this amount
  • string
  • scissors
  • floral wire (and wire cutters or pliers)

That’s it – now it’s time to get your craft on with the kids!  They will need some help getting started if they are fairly young yet, but once the ring is made they can go to town adding the streamers to the windsock!


  1. First make a circle out of your floral wire.  The thicker the wire you choose the sturdier your windsock will be.  Remember it will be blowing around in the wind and have to hold up to rain throughout the summer.  Use your pliers to cut and create a sturdy circle out of the wire.
  2. Next open your table clothes and start cutting strips all the same size out of them.  Depending on your kid’s age they may or may not be able to help with this step.  The tablecloth cuts easily, but it a bit difficult to maneuver and cut straight because it is so slippery.  I found it easiest to unfold the tablecloth completely and then refold it in half once and cut to create the longest strips possible in one cut.
  3. Now it is time for the kids to create a pattern using the three colors of streamers that you have created.  If they are old enough let them go for it, if not have them tell you which color comes next and help them attach it to the wire circle.  Fold each streamer in half and loop it around and through to tie it to the wire.  This was a fun way to work on color and patter recognition for my youngest!
  4. Once your circle is filled with streamers you can add some string for hanging.  We added 3 strings to add stability and hung from the center where the three strands met.
  5. Done!  Let the kids pick a spot to proudly hang and display their patriotic masterpiece!


I have to say, I was really surprised at how cute these were when they were all finished!  We hung them off of some hooks on our deck, and they are just darling blowing in the wind on a summer night!  The patriotic colors all whirly twirly in in the summer sun is whimsical, fun, and simple.  Not only do I love them, but the kids are just so proud of the windsocks that they created.


Nothing better than decorating with things that are homemade by the kids, especially when the look this neat!  They have been holding up to the wind and weather just fine, and I will enjoy watching them all summer long!  This would make a great 4th of July picnic activity or a fun Memorial day project too!


My little ones are pretty proud of their homemade 4th of July windsocks and I am happy that we spent the time making them together!