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Kid’s Bird Nest Craft And Little Birdie Book Marks

Now that spring is officially here the kids are all about admiring the sweet little birds hopping around outside.  They seem thrilled to be chasing and “trying to catch” them as they move around the yard.  I’m not certain what they want to do with them once the catch them, but I am assuming they want to play with them as if they were little pets.  Luckily the kids have gotten no were near one, so I haven’t had to worry about it yet.   So,  I decided that we needed a fun craft project so the kids could make their own bird nests and birds to play with.  Here is a fun rainy day project to with the kids that allows them to create there very own little bird family to play with complete with a nest just right for playing.


These little bird nests turned out so adorable, and the kids ha a great time creating and making birds to go in them.  We came up with this project on a whim, so we just used things that we had around the house to make it.  Thanks to our trusty craft box we had everything we need to make this fun project!

To make the nest we used:

  1. foam disposable plates
  2. brown paint and a paintbrush
  3. decorative moss
  4. a hot glue gun (used by me only of course)
  • I cut the plates in half and then used my hot glue gun to glue the two round sides together to create a little pocket.
  • Then the kids used brown paint and a foam brush to paint them a nice nest-like color
  • Before the paint dried I had them put the moss all over the outside of the nest so the moss would stick to the wet paint.  They also added a hand full to the inside of the nests in preparation for the little birds that were going inside.
  • While our nests dried we got to work making birds for the nests.

For the birds you will need:

  1. Large craft Poms
  2. googly eyes
  3. craft feathers
  4. foam triangle stickers
  5. paper clips

To make the birds we simply used the large craft poms and glued eyes, beaks, feathers, and a paper clip to each to bring our little friends to life.  The kids chose all of the colors and options that they wanted and told me where to glue them.  I used hot glue to speed up the process and ensure that everything would stay stuck where they wanted it.  I knew that the kids would be playing with these, moving them around, flying them through the house, and attaching and reattaching them to things, so I wanted them to be sturdy.  Once the kids turned their poms into birds with a little help from Mom and her glue gun it was time to  finish them off.

We stole a few paper clips from their daddy’s office and glued them to the bottom of the birds.  It turned the adorable little birds into the perfect play thing.  The kids were thrilled that they could slip them in and out of the nests they had made, and the stuck them all over the house. 

The kids now have their very own little nest full of birds that they can play care for any time they want to.  I think the little birdies out in our yard will thank me for giving them a break from my children trying to catch them.

These silly little guys are super fun and are a great way to let the kids play, use their imaginations, and make something that they will enjoy playing with for a long time.  Not only are they fun for the kids to use as bookmarks, but they are a great gift that the kids can make and give to the people that they love.  My son has made a ton of these and he loves to give them to his friends for the birthdays to use as a bookmark!

The look so sweet all tucked in a book, and we use them often to keep track of our spots in books at our house!  There is still time for the kids to make some for Grandma for Mother’s Day if she like to read!  She will love knowing that her little birdie bookmark was made just for her by the little hands of a Grandchild that adores her.