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Horse Gear Pallet Storage Solution

An old pallet can give new life to any kind of gear if you use your imagination a little.  I found an old pallet leaned up against our barn and made it into an awesome storage solution for the horse gear that we use often out in the barn.

I realize if you don’t have horses this may seem irrelevant, but try it with any kind of gear! My inspiration for this project came from Funky Junk Interiors who used a pallet to organize pool equipment.

All I used was:

1. Big old pallet leaned against a wall

2. 3 metal over the door hooks

3.  An over the door bridle holder with 4 hooks

4. A small horse bucket to hold brushes and tools

The top holds helmets beautifully (think bike helmets  too)!  Just slide the brims in between the two top boards of the pallet.  I used the open boards to hang blankets and saddle girths.  There are lunge whips and riding crops nestled in between the boards.  I put metal hooks at different levels and added buckets and a canvas bag to hold brushes, hoof picks, and combs.  I added one hook down lower, so they could reach it, to hang there little backpacks full of brushes.  On the very bottom I store bottles of shampoo, extra fly spray, and all those essential bottled horse products.  Open spaces and boards are perfect to hang the spray bottles.  I love that everything is in one spot.  It is so easy to look and find what I need quickly.

The possibilities are endless really!  I could see using this storage system in the garage for all sorts of things:

1. Sports equipment

2. Kids outdoor toys

3. Garden gear

4. Yard tools

5. Shoes and book bags

6. Fishing and hunting gear

7. Pool equipment

8. Whatever you can hang from a hook or organize in a cubby will work!