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Easy Halloween Snack For School

Need a super quick, super cute Halloween snack for you kids to share at school that is healthy and nutritious?  Here is a healthy alternative to the normal trick or treat type Halloween candy treat.  Festive orange solo cups turned into little monster popcorn holders and ghostly string cheese make for a healthy snack that the kids will be super excited to share with their class.  The best part is, it will only take you a few minutes to prepare and your kids will get a kick out of this.  They can even help too!


So a here we were a few days before Halloween and my little lady’s turn to provide the snack for her 4k class.  We were short on time, as usual, so it had to be quick and easy to put together!  My little girl loves popcorn, and that was what she requested to take to school. We all know this time of the year the kids are getting plenty of sugar treats elsewhere, so I was excited to send her with a snack that provided her friends with something cute and fun to celebrate Halloween, but minus the sugar!


So, we air popped some popcorn, and got to work making some fun cups to serve it up in!  All we needed were some orange solo cups (in this case they were actually Hefty brand) and some googly eyes.  A few dabs of glue and the cups turned into to cute little popcorn holding monsters according to my daughter.  We also wanted to add a little protein and a serving of dairy to the snack so we got some string cheese and transformed them into little ghosts.


This was SO fun for my little girl!  I showed her how to make little faces on the wrappers with a permanent marker and then she went crazy making all sorts of different faces on them.  She made happy ghosts, scary ghosts, surprised ghosts, and ghosts with fangs.  She really loved helping to make them!  Then I wrote BOO!  on each one and they were all ready to send to school!