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Easy Hairstyle – Turn A Long Necklace Into A Headband

Here is a great way for that collection of long necklaces in your jewlery drawer to do double duty.  I am all about hairstyles that are cute and easy but they have to be fast too.  Take your normal hairstyle and fancy it up in seconds with just one hair elastic and a long necklace!

This is one of those things that, as soon as I learned of it, I wondered how on earth I hadn’t thought of  it yet.  It is the perfect solution to turn any hairstyle and outfit up a notch in just seconds.  No hours of styling or money spent on accessories.  Just hit up your jewelry collection and find something that will work.  I have a collection of those long necklaces that I never wear.  I like the look of them, but with an infant and a toddler I found myself staying far away from them.  They had become  more of a nu sense than anything.  The kids were always being pulling on them, or the necklaces were whacking the kids in the faces during diaper changes, or mommy talks.  After a couple of years I just gave up completely, and they were pretty well retired.  Until … I had a Lia Sophia party to benefit my son’s school last winter.  The very sweet representative held out a long necklace and showed us a few different ways to wear it.  She asked me to come up to the front and she quickly used a hair tie to turn it into a headband and placed it on my head.  The elastic band allows the necklace to stretch and fit perfectly over any style.

What? I was very pleased at how simple and easy it was, and … it looked really nice!!  It was very comfortable and  I loved the style of it.  What a great way to take a daytime outfit, like a nice shirt and jeans, and turn it into the perfect outfit for a night out.  By taking off you necklace and adding it to your hair you have a simple, pretty, and elegant style.  Something special for your hair.

I have tried this with my hair curly, straight, up, and down, and it always looks great.  My favorite way to wear it is with my hair curly and thrown up during the summer. It is cool, comfy, and easy.  The possibilities are endless with how you can wear this necklace headband. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, thick, thin, curly, or stick straight you can make this work for you and your hair.   Style your hair however you like, and add the headband.  Anything from a simple pony tail, or fancy up-do to your normal style will work.  You can wear it with the two strands separated (with some volume) like in the photo, or keep the strands together for a thicker headband.

This will take you only an instant to do and should work with any long necklace with a clasp on the end.

Here are some step by step instructions that I hope are easy to follow:

  • Remove your long necklace.
  • Leave the clasp closed and fold the necklace in half
  • Place the hair tie under the center of the folded necklace with half of the tie on each side
  • slip one end of the hair tie through the other
  • Attach the elastic securely to the necklace by pulling the elastic taught
  • pull the elastic to meet up with the end of the necklace that is closed with the clasp
  • Open the clasp (leaving the necklace closed) and slide one end of the hair tie into it
  • You know have an instant headband with stretch
  • Put the headband on and rock your long necklace in an unexpected way

Here is a short video demonstration of how to turn a necklace into a headband for those of you that need a visual.

Here is a quick video of how to put your new necklace headband on!

Pretty, simple, fun for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time, but wants to dress up an outfit for the day!  If you are interested in the specific necklace that I have on in this post you can find it on the Lia Sophia Site from the representative that showed me this awesome trick. The necklace is named the Gala (soon to be called the Soiree) necklace and it’s item number is 33n55.  Take a look if you like it, or just raid your stash of log necklaces that you already have.  Either way I hope you give this a try for a special occasion or just anytime you want a cute style without a lot of time and effort!

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  1. This would work with a claspless necklace alsoThe same way girls have been doulbling up plastic braclets for years. Just lay the two circles out overlapping and pick them up looped through each other. Try it with two hair ties until it makes sense.

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