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Easy And Healthy Snack For Kids – Mommy And Mini Caterpillar Grape Kabob

Here is the perfect summer picnic or gathering food!  These matching Mommy and  mini caterpillar grape kabobs are completely irresistible to both kids and adults alike!   They are simple to make, fun to eat, healthy, and perfect for a summer time treat to share.  What could be more fun than a grape kabob?

Mini caterpillar grape kabobs in different colors!  Just a few weeks ago I shared with you these easy caterpillar grape kabobs that I made for my son’s snack time at school.  He loved them so much that when he had a party for his very last day of school this year, he begged me to make the fruit kabobs again for him to share at the end of the year party.  Here is take number two on the caterpillar grape kabobs, and they could not have turned out an more adorable.

His party consisted of the 16 other students in his class as well as their siblings, parents,family and friends and the kid’s teachers too so I wasn’t sure of how many we would need.  I knew I needed to make a pretty large quantity, and was determined to make them even more fun than the last time.

I picked up two large bags of grapes.  One red and one green and got to work.  I made some large caterpillars all green, some all red, and alternated colors too.  My son loved the idea of his friends being able to choose which color they wanted.  I also thought it would be nice to have some smaller kabobs that would be perfect for smaller siblings at the picnic.  My kids quickly decided that they were mommy and baby caterpillars, and that each mommy needed a matching baby.  You can read the complete step by step instructions on how to make these here but they are pretty self explanatory.  For the baby caterpillars I just used half of a skewer instead of a whole one and threaded 6 grapes instead of 12.  I used a sharp cutters to get a clean cut on the skewer.

The entire batch of caterpillar kabobs were gone by the end of the picnic, and kids were grabbing them from under the saran wrap before I even set them onto the table.  I was very pleased to see grapes on every child’s plate at the picnic, and my son was super excited to share with everyone one of his favorite treats.  It was fun to watch the kids try and decide which color that they wanted too.  The mini caterpillars were a huge hit, and the first kabobs that were gone.  Many of the parents commented on how it was a great way to get something healthy into their kids hands too.  If you have a school function, family reunion, bbq, birthday party, or any kind of get together that kids will be attending, these are a great dish to pass!  Make them a day ahead and store them in the refrigerator, and grab and go on party day.  They will for sure be the life of the party!

3 thoughts on “Easy And Healthy Snack For Kids – Mommy And Mini Caterpillar Grape Kabob

  1. How adorable! I love healthy snacks for kids that are fun for them and appealing. Pinning this on pinterest!

  2. How far in advance did you make these, I have a party at 1pm. Any help would be great

    Thank you for your time

  3. Adorable! Going to make for Sunday School children. What did you use for the eyes please??

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