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DIY Halloween Mummy Light Decoration

Here is an adorable and simple DIY Halloween decoration that you can make up in minutes.  Rescue a few jars from the recycling and grab your hot glue gun for this goofy Halloween craft.  Since the kids are still little, scary decorations are a no-go in our house.  These mummies are super silly and friendly enough to be fun for the kids this Halloween.  With a few supplies you can convert those jars into an entire family of adorable mummies that can be lit up for the perfect Halloween decoration day or night.

This was one of those craft projects that I found  on Pinterest (via Hi Sugarplum!) and I couldn’t wait to make for it Halloween.   It’s an added bonus that they are the perfect way to light up the house at night and they look adorable during the day too.  I love that the main ingredient in this craft is recycled glass jars.  Reusing things I already have is a sure fore way for me to get rally excited to do a craft project.  All I had to pick up was the gauze, and I found it at the local grocery store for a couple bucks.

I gathered some cleaned jars from the recycling in different sizes.  I decided that I wanted to make our family of 4 into mummy lights, so I choose 4 different sized glass jars and a votive holder so I could make our little pup into a mummy too.  You can use any size or shaped vase and get creative with your mummies.

All you will need is:

Cleaned Glass Jars

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Googly eyes

Gauze (2 rolls covered my 4 jars and votive holder perfectly)

Orange ribbon (optional)

Tea light candles (I use flame less battery powered ones)

I started by gluing the eyes directly to the glass jar.  The kids picked out the eyeballs for each little mummy.

I started  gluing the end of the gauze to the back of the jar and then glued and wrapping it around as I covered the entire jar.

I wrapped so the eyes were showing and made sure to secure the gauze at the top where I cut the gauze from the roll

That’s really all it takes unless you want to embellish them a bit.  I added little orange bows to create a mommy and daughter mummy, and also added a collar to the puppy mummy.

Drop in a flame less battery powered tea light and enjoy these adorable mummy lights all month long.

These are so cute and the kids can’t wait to light them up every night!  The really are a fun way to decorate in a not -so – spooky way for your kiddos!  They are quick and easy to put together and will only run you a few bucks.  Not bad for a whole family of mummies that are cuter than anything you can buy at the store!