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A Fun And Creative Way To Display Your Kids School Projects

It’s that time again … the kids come home from school with their stacks of cute and creative projects in hand.  They are so proud of them, and have worked so hard to make them.  Give the fridge a little break and try this in-expensive solution to display there hard work!

I love the kids projects as much as they do, but you can only attach so many to the fridge before they are falling every time that you shut the door!  My idea was simple.  I wanted a way for Kyle to be able to display his projects in his own room that was neat, simple, and inexpensive to make.

We made a stop at the dollar store and picked up 8 simple brown clipboards.  I spray painted them all black to match the decor in his room and let them dry.  Next I used a level to draw out my lines and measured, and marked where each board would go.  A little tiny nail is all they need to hang.  I added a strip of double-sided tape to the bottom to keep the clipboard from swinging from side to side, and secured.

For a few bucks he know has a fabulous place to display his creative projects!  We alternate the new ones in and decide if we save the older ones or not.  It is a good way to stay organized with the projects coming home, and I love watching him show off his work to family and friends!