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Valentines Day Inspired Nail Art – Use A Cricut Machine And Vinyl To Make Nail Stickers

Want to make your nails fabulously festive for Valentines day?  Break out your Cricut machine and create the perfect little heart stickers to give your nails that extra holiday flair!  Celebrate a holiday that is all about showing your love with an at home mommy-daughter manicure using cute little vinyl hearts.

I was busily working on a project using my new Cricut machine when my little miss woke up from her nap.  She announced quickly that she wanted to paint her nails, and that gave me an idea!  I was using some off white vinyl to cut out some decals on my Cricut machine.  I noticed that there was a cute little heart graphic that would be perfect for making little heart shaped nail stickers.

When I worked in a salon people always enjoyed adding a little something special to their manicures, and these would have been perfect!  I simple set my machine to cut out the heart as small as I possibly could.  I believe it was only 1/4 inch.  I set it to cut slowly and deep enough to cut through the vinyl.  The little hearts are just the right size to fit onto the corner of an adult’s fingernail.  They were a tiny bit too big to fit on little miss’s nails (she is only 2), but she was super excited to get one on each thumb!  They are so cute.  If you don’t have a Cricut machine you could just buy some small heart stickers and use them the same way.

We did a normal manicure and added two layers of a pretty dark red polish. Once dry we carefully removed the heart stickers and placed them smoothly onto our painted nails.  The vinyl stuck perfectly, and have stayed put really well.  I then added two layers of a clear OPI top coat over the vinyl heart.  One might have been enough, but I wanted out hearts to be protected well with a thick top coat.

What a sweet way for you and your little ones to celebrate valentines day together!  My daughter has been showing everyone she meets her hearts on her nails with pride, and she could not be any cuter.  A little at home mommy- daughter manicure is the perfect way spend sometime together and show your love.  These little stickers would be a great gift to give to little girls of all ages who love to paint their nails.